Are all background checks the same?

  1. My background check for my new job at the SNF was completed in about a day or two. I had an interview a few days ago and it obviously went well because they called and wanted to move forward in the application process by performing a background check. So if the background check is the same as it was for the snf, I should [hopefully] receive the official offer next week from the hospital, right? Maybe? What's your experience with hospital vs. SNF background checks; does one take longer than the other?
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  3. by   Double-Helix
    There's no way to know how long the background check will take. It's not really a matter of SNF vs hospital, but rather a question of how the company obtains the background check. Do they do it themselves or do they outsource to another company? In general, a hospital is going to have many more applicants to perform background checks on, and many more positions to fill. So it's very possible it will take longer than a week for them to get around to checking your information- or for them to get your results from the company that they outsource to.

    Also, since the hospital probably has more positions to fill, it may take them awhile to make a decision even after they receive your back ground check information. They might have your background check done tomorrow, but still not make a decision or extend a job offer for another two weeks. Impossible to tell. Just be patient, even though it's hard.
  4. by   JMBnurse
    I agree with Ashley. It will depend on many factors. As I recall, all of the jobs I've had, I was offered the job before they even performed the background check and my starting the job was contingent on the final result. They were free to withdraw the offer if I did not pass. I had to pass the background check and the drug screen, but the job offers came first.
  5. by   cshafferrn
    I was the director of nursing at a SNF and recently got a position in the hospital. It took about three weeks for the hospital to complete my background check. The difference: A SNF will let you work while your background check is pending and will receive the results in 30 days then will let you go if something comes back. In a hospital, they complete the entire background check before they even offer you a position. Hope that helps!
  6. by   Despareux
    Thanks everyone. I'm hoping it's sooner than later. I'm ready to start my nursing career.
  7. by   Despareux
    The background check took about a week. I got the call yesterday, was told everything came back, and I was offered the position.