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First time on here, starting a new thread 4 those just graduated and want expereince in a Nurse Residency Program. Most offer 1 year long residency programs for new grads. These Residency Programs are sponsored by the UHC/AACN... Read More

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    Given the willingness of most new grad nurses to relocate, it makes sense for there to be a large searchable database of all new grad positions. I'm really surprised there isn't one available. Going through the job listings hospital by hospital is so terribly inefficient and time-consuming. Maybe I need to dust of my programming skills and dive in to that kind of project-that wouldn't be time-consuming at all, no. A wiki-style site where users could add listings and edit them as they expire would be great. The shame of so many job search engines is that they are incomplete. Does anyone know of a really good one beyond Indeed, CareerBuilder, Monster, Snagajob, etc. ? Anything more exclusive to nursing?
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    Thanks for posting this, still helpful in 2012.
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    I graduated 2008 and had more than 2 years experience in the NICU in the Philippines, can I apply for the nurse residency program?
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    Quote from mcl87
    I graduated 2008 and had more than 2 years experience in the NICU in the Philippines, can I apply for the nurse residency program?

    Kabayan, the issue is that you exceeded the usual hiring status of a "new grad" in that you graduated beyond the first year of the graduation year limitation. You should look into a regular nursing job not the new grad or residency positions.

    However, many US hospitals don't always recognize the hospital conditions in the Phil as the same as US experience. There may be other employers that have working environments that's not favorable and harder to fill as some of the locals don't want to work there and you might be willing to do that if the employer feels you'll "fit in" with these conditions (higher patient ratios, less pay, more stress, not so great area, etc.) Good luck!
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    I really would love to do a nurse residency program. Not totally sure of a location. But I do have a question... I will be graduating in December with my ADN. Does anyone know of a residency program that accepts ADN? I plan on doing an RN to BSN program somewhere... Not sure as to where as of yet (I'm thinking somewhere online). However, all the residency programs I have looked at have only been for those that have graduated with a BSN.

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