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I know many of you have worked agency. Would you recommend agency work for an RN with 2 years experience? What have your experiences been like?... Read More

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    Originally posted by bunky:
    Enlighten me, heck ALL of us Aaron! I think I know what your solution is though, and am also thinking of the same thing. What if when called into work, we were to say, "Sure for $XX/hr I will." I received a call yesterday from my former employer asking if I could come to work as they were desparate. It was on my answering machine and I was already scheduled to work agency somewhere else this weekend but I think as an independent I could've named my price and got it. Is this what you are hinting at Aaron? Do tell...
    Not Quite but close. I am currently entertaining, with several big wigs as investors of course, a tool that will totally change the way agency nursing is done at this moment. No you can't change your value at a moments notice, that would never work, but yes you can have control over where, when, and how you will work.

    Working for yourself would provide much incentive for everyone. You would represent yourself, thus you would have to be an excellent nurse in order to be marketable. The hospital saves money by not using agency and you make a happy inbetween. Hospital wins and so does the nurse and the patient, because chances our you wouldn't be there if you stunk as a nurse because the hospital wouldn't ask you back.

    This is going to be huge and before it is all said and done will cost around $200,000 to get this bright idea complete. Getting close though. If you'd like to be on our list of contacts, please email me more info on yourself so that we may contact you. Email me . Oh yah, our name is select nurse. Be watching for us soon. Will grow quickly. By the way, we will not employ anyone, we are the tool to make it happen. The nurse represents themselves.

    Hope I helped clarify.

    Thank you,


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