Age a factor in nursing?

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    Hello! I'm currently winding down for lpn degree, I will be done in 3 months, and as I get closer I just worry about my age. I'm only 19 years so old, so I'm curious, do employers judge aplicants on their age?
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    I certainly do sometimes. Life experience can have a huge impact upon a person's ability to succeed in some jobs. Hospice, for instance, is generally not a good place for a young and inexperienced clinician to start.

    Is it age discrimination? I don't think so, I am just trying to match people with jobs that afford the greatest opportunity for success.
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    I broke into nursing at 20 y/o & it all depends on your knowledge, the way you carry yourself & of course a passion to take care of others. I am highly respected at all of my jobs. Don't let the old nurses deter you. The old statement, "Nurses eat their young". 100% TRUE.
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    I started my first nursing job at 19 also and I agree, the way you carry yourself and your professional demeanor really made the difference for me. I never felt devalued due to my age.
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