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Advice for a new grad pls.

  1. 0 Hello...
    I am currently in a kind of mentally confusing situation for me, and a piece of advice would be of great help.
    I am a new grad and got accepted in a transitional care and rehab which I am very grateful. But, I can't let go in my mind the other job opportunity that might be really a great, even better one. Coz when I was applying, I applied over the area, and the rehab called me the day after. But with UMCSN in Las Vegas, my application is still there and the nurse recruiter told me that I might be called if a position opens up.
    Now, I am really bothered and my thoughts says I need to follow up on this, for my goal is to work in acute care and working in a number one trauma center in NV would be a great great opportunity coz I wanna be an air force nurse too.
    My question is, should I follow up with the nurse recruiter at UMC of my current disposition that I was hired here and that I am very interested, that it is my dream to work there, that I wanna be an air force nurse too, that I am working on getting my ACLS too. Btw, for UMC the application is for a new grad position so it really helps.
    I will be starting my floor orientation tomorrow at the rehab, but of course I wanna set my foot on the best step and wanna explore all the possibilities. Pls advice on d best career move. Thanks a lot.
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    Iam trying tI send u a msg... But i cant , inthing ur inbox is full
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    I was advised to always follow up. I am in the same boat. I am a new grad applying everywhere in California and out of state. See but my question is approaching managers, what do you do, say, and etc? I have met with recruiters and HR personnel but when it's come to going to the floor to speak to managers I am unsure especially since majority of the hospital units you have to be buzzed in.
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    U can message me now.

    I also dk how to do that, but I'm ok with my job for now, its a good experience..
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    Ei jhon ur msgs r full