Advice and Opinions Needed: L&D vs NICU

  1. Hello everyone,

    I have been a lurker for some time and decided to join. I will be graduating this semester from a college in Texas. I have been applying everywhere in Texas for internships but the competition makes it hard. I have a B average and I don't have previous medical experience (I didn't work as a tech or anything while in school). All I can put on my resume is the little leadership and volunteer experience I have. I'm so passionate about nursing and I know I have the personality for the 2 areas I most intersted in but I don't know how to convey it. I have only had 3 interviews and I just found out I didn't get the position on a Labor and Delivery floor that I applied to. I'm not the best interviewer because I'm really shy and get intimidated when I have to do group/panel interviews. I havee an interview coming up this week so I hope I will be able to show my passion for this position, because after this interview there aren't anymore scheduled anytime soon. Any advice on what to say during the interview

    Here's my question: I'm really interested in L&D and NICU. I love both of them and can see myself working in both areas. I don't know which one I should choose if I'm offered a position. I look at NICU as having an opportunity to work in OB, critical care, and Pedi where L&D is limited to just OB. Which would you choose and why?

    I need your advice/opinion: One of the hospitals I interviewed at has openings in both L&D and NICU. The internship for L&D is more what I was looking for in an internship (12-16 weeks with classroom time and a preceptor/mentor). The internship for NICU is more of an orientation in my opinion (4 weeks of orientation with preceptor working with you and possible classroom time depending on the number of positions offered). The L&D unit does not offer times to float but NICU gives oppurtunity to train in PICU and other areas. NICU wants to schedule a second interview with me, L&D said they would call me next week with a possible job offer. What should I do? Which internship would you choose?
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    This is a specialty area that is difficult to get into and they seldom take any new grads. If there is a program/internship take those positions but are you offered a position after the internship...some do not. It depends on what you want.....babies or the labor process and babies. What level of NICU is this unit?

    I wish you the best!