US nurse heading back for another assignment in Australia. Anyone else interested?

  1. Hi. I know there's some frequency of American travel nurse that check for this kinda info. Well, I'm an American RN who's been working in Australia for the past year. I'll be taking a big RTW trip starring during norther hemisphere spring. After that, heading back to Oz to start up some more work.

    So, there seems to be plenty of good work available here now. I thought it might be fun if another chill US nurse come along this time for the adventure. Gypsy nurses sticking together =). It b er be perfect timing.

    Leave US late summer, then go straight into another spring and summer. Plenty of time to get docos approved. Bit of a process but no much problem. I could totally give some pointers to.

    Anyone keen on this.
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  3. by   ICUNightAngel
    Hey there, I'm keen on your gypsy Aussie plans. Where do I sign up?
  4. by   US RN in Oz
    My apologies. I am already there. Couldn't figure out how to get rid of the post.
  5. by   abbz18
    Hi, I'm also a US RN with 3 years SICU experience. I was wondering how you were able to get the process of getting registered in Oz started? I am 31 so I cannot apply for the holiday working visa. I did RTW trips that would olny last 6 months max til I have to go back to the States to work again. So I am super interested in working in Oz as a nurse and not have to keep coming back to the US to earn money to sustain my gypsy life. LOL

    Thanks in advance!
  6. by   Dohenyj2
    Ever get a reply or more info on this ?? Would love to go to AUS!