Anybody start getting second round new grad offer? Anybody start getting second round new grad offer? | allnurses

Anybody start getting second round new grad offer?

  1. 0 Hi, all.
    I just read another post and Mopples got into second round offer. Firstly, Congratulations to all the New grads who got the 1st offer and 2nd round offer!

    I am on the eligibility list but I'm quite confused what should I do next, as I don't know should I start looking for jobs or wait for the second round offer.

    Apparently, my friend who graduated from last year, she told me as long as I am on the list, I will recieve an offer. But just not sure about how long... and not sure about this year will that be the same as last year or not!?

    Does anyone know how does the list work? do they look at your preference or where you live or your performance in the interview?

    Please give me some advice about what to do next, and please share around if you got a second round offer.
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    I don't have any answers for you but I'm on the eligibility list too. I hope you're right about everyone getting offers. I think they can be for any hospital in NSW, not just your preference list.
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    An update: I spoke to someone at NSW Health today and he told me all positions are full. So I guess they only go back to the eligibility list now if someone drops out or more positions become available.
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    So sad there are not grad positions for everyone.Send out resumes to every place that you can work. Good luck, something will come up.
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    In my panic during the last couple of weeks, I spoke to a lot of people. The manager where I work said she was still calling people for 2012 intake up until April this year, so it will go on for months. People fail or drop out for various reasons and positions do become available.
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    A friend of mine got a call from Wagga Wagga and was asked if she was still interested, she turned it down however as she has a position in WA.

    I was told if unsuccessful in original matching, keep calling hospitals; people drop out for all kinds of reasons between now and apparently around 6 months into the year.

    Good luck with it!
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    I spoke to the nurse who runs the new grad placements at my work, and she said it's very rare that people actually get second round offers!
    So basically I am going to send out my resume now (I'm trying mental health and aged care because hopefully they don't require experience), interviews and all that take time, and hope I get somewhere I like... I worry about my CPD points and stuff so need to be somewhere where I can do education and what not.
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    That's interesting, complete opposite to what the workforce manager and my ward num at work have said. It may not happen straight away, but there is still a few months until the first intakes start.
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    Yea, I agreed with Mopples.

    3/3 last year students that I know they all got second round offers, but one of them even need to wait until Jan...

    awww... non-stop waiting stressing me out so much especially when I know a lot of people start getting their second round offer since 16Oct.

    well... what can I do, let stay positive and pro-active for job seeking, I believe a lot of people are on the same boat too!
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    It really gets me angry...we need so many nurses yet the government is trying to get rid of the experienced nurses and not hiring the new nurses... :/
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    HEY guys, Victoria still has vacancies-Cabrini is a great hospital, though private......
    all the rest are great country hospitals. Here the link:

    PMCV Computer Matching