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Hi all! I'm currently looking at different bachelor of nursing programs, and I was wondering if anyone had a really good experience where they studied. I know all the programs are very similar and all of them will give you... Read More

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    Quote from imaginations
    University of Technology, Sydney (undergrad B. Nursing --> 3 years and for graduate entry degree holders condensed to 2 years)

    Sydney University (grad entry Master of Nursing --> 2 years + brand new undergrad entry B. Nursing 2012 with rural, regional, interstate and international placement opportunities, which would be a major bonus in the current climate)

    I would avoid ACU & UWS in NSW at the moment.

    I would also suggest reading up on the uncapping of student numbers from 2012 and the effects this is having on clinical placements and student experiences and education.

    150 UWS students unable to graduate due to lack of clinical placements
    I was unable to graduate from ACU on time due to a lack of clinical placements!! And on my last placement they stuck me for 3 weeks at a hospital, and then a week in a nursing home! So I had to do all my paperwork in 3 weeks, and then get "Experience" in a nursing home, having had 2 clinical placements before in a nursing home. NO WAY to gain experience at such a critical time, and all I did was ADLs the whole time at the nursing home. I am very angry at that lol.

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    I do not recommend ACU based on my experience and my fellow student colleagues.

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