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Hi, I am looking to migrate to Australia and/or New Zealand. The Australian cities I had in mind are Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. The New Zealand cities I had in mind are Wellington and Auckland. I graduated this month with... Read More

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    Bama, Just wondering how long ago you completed your registration?

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    I sent in my packet this past October, and I received approval in November.
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    I was also wondering how easy it is to transfer licenses between states? So if I get my license thru the Victoria office but end up in Sydney would it be difficult to transfer it over or vice versa? I'm not sure where I will be living but want to get the ball rolling with my paperwork.
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    It is a national registration. AHPRA replaced the state nursing boards a few years ago so once you registered your good for anywhere in the country! One of the criteria for registration is that you have PI insurance. The cheapest way to get this is via the nursing union.

    Unions are not the dirty word here as they seem to be in the USA!
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    Thank you all so much for answering all my questions! I have another one though lol: do you have health insurance while you are there? It asks you on the visa application and I'm wondering if you got a plan for your travels?
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    Talk to your insurance company. When I first left Ireland they said they could insure me for 6 months overseas so I paid for that while getting myself sorted here. Be aware non resident health insurance is expensive here. Because all Aussie's are entitled to Medicare there is no way your employer will pay it. However you can get tax relief on it at the end of the financial year.
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    Just remembered after that ran out I got overseas visitors cover. It is quite expensive I paid over $2000 for a years cover but I claimed some it back in tax at the end of the financial year.
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    Bama RN..i am also a us rn applying for ahpra reg...can u help me with the resume? Am really lost...thnx
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    Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency - Standard Format for Curriculum Vitae

    There's the format the require for your CV. Make sure it is exactly like that with the statement about it bring true and correct at the end. Must sign it in front of a notary, and it must be the original.

    For the clinical skills, I listed everything I can do from taking blood pressures manually to giving meds , right down to the skills needed in my specialty area. It may be helpful to go to a nursing school website and look at their check offs, or a travel nursing site and look at their skills lists.

    Hope this helps, and ignore any typos...on my stupid phone.
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    Bama RN...thnx for taking time to reply...i was confused abt the internship and observership we put our clinical senior synthesis from nursing school in that section? I would really appreciate your help...)

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