Rural RN's

  1. I'd like to hear from some rural RN's on QLD & NSW (or anywhere). How do you like your job? What are the hardest/ easiest parts. Did you go for an advanced degree etc.Thanks!
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  3. by   JEN077
    I work in a very small hospital and I feel like the hardest part is having to float from the floor to ER and back again. You wear many hats all during the same night (or day) its is sometimes very overwhelming. we are also maintenace , house keeping and anything in between. This is especially hard sometimes bc i am a new grad and the orientation is not the same as if I were at a bigger facility. It's really sink or swim.
  4. by   ceridwyn
    Good to hear from you and welcome to the Australian forum.

    What a great education you are having as a grad. Sounds like you are swimming most of the time.

    Must be a times daunting, do you get much support?

    Same for everybody most of their career though, as you change wards, specialties etc.
    As soon as you think you sound in your knowledge etc another human come in that is totally different to the rest.
    Though with skills you will have learnt in a small hospital will keep with you if you ever do go to a bigger faciilty.
  5. by   pinkgeek
    It seems ever so long ago that I posed this question and here I am packing my bags to start at University of Canberra for term 2. Sink or swim I'm jumping into rural nursing and I'm fairly convinced I'll swim! Thanks!
  6. by   ceridwyn
    What has 'rural' nursing got to do with study at UC? And the Australian academic year starts at the start of the year so it will be called Semester 1 or trimester 1. Canberra locals do not like being considered 'rural' be careful who you say it to if your referring to your environment. Good luck with your studies.
  7. by   pinkgeek
    1) I started the thread, it's relevant and I thought kind of neat since I still wasn't sure what I wanted to do when I posted it. Curiosity often leads to a path.

    2) UC has term 1 in Feb and term 2 in Aug.

    3) I didn't forget how to read a map. 2 hours outside of Canberra is rural, and where I'd like to do some of my clinicals.