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    I am an associates degree RN(2 yrs college) looking to travel to Australia and work for a year. i am 33,so i know i dont qualify for the WH Visa. I called the AHPRA and asked if it was possible to be licensed in OZ with an ADN,and was directed to their website and the skills assessment process. I have four years of experience,2.5 in hospital,1.5 home care(current),all in pediatrics. (I was also an LPN for 2 yrs on med-surg).

    I have read all of the questions about how to apply for the license,and I think I am good with that,but I would like to hear from any other ADN's who have actually done the process to see how likely it is to be approved(as it looks the cost would be $800)? Also,if I do this and get approved,how hard is it to find a hospital that will accept a US nurse? How do you go about the interview process? Are there any travel nurse companies that will accept ADN's? If you get licensure,does that mean that getting a visa is pretty easy?

    Also,if possible,if anyone has done this,I would be interested in learning about the whole relocating aspect and what challenges were faced. This is a decision that i want to research fully since it will obviously be costly,(and probably crazy LOL) but if its possible,I am at a point in my life where I need a major change,and I absolutely loved Australia when I visited this spring.

    thanks for any info,
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  3. by   jambala
    please check ahpra website again.. I think it would be under division 2..
  4. by   ceridwyn
    ADN are accepted in Australia -

    Australia seems to accept anyone that is considered an RN in their own country, especially even after a protest.

    Division 2 nurses are now EN's or LPN? which the poster more than qualifies as an RN.
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  5. by   SarahRN1987
    I came here with my ADN and they took me You should be fine!
  6. by   kellieskorner
    You definitely will qualify as an RN
  7. by   esperanzaRN14
    i also have an associate degree with 4 years experience in critical care. Stacey have you submitted your application yet? if so please let me know how that process is going for you so far. i also emailed ahpra asking about my associates degree being enough and they just emailed me back the form to apply. would really like some insight on associate degree nurses with experience that have applied for registration in Australia. thank you!