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  1. I am in Australia, and was wondering if I could get some advice from nurses about acquiring a job after nursing school. I graduate in 3 weeks (touch wood). After that eligible for registration. Unfortunately I have missed the boat for new grad placements, and would like to work on a roster that is not rotating, however still aquire experience (we do not have enough when we leave!!!).

    Does anyone have ideas on places I can apply outside of new grad that would still take a freshly finished nursing student and that does not have shift hours? It has been suggested to me to apply to GP offices, however I doubt they would take a fresh student who wouldn't know everything, and it has also been suggested I try day surgery places. Which I shall try. Any more ideas?
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  4. by   Sifty
    Where in aus are you? What area do you want to get into?
    Some places do have mid year grad programs.
  5. by   K+MgSO4
    I know the Royal Melbourne has stopped their mid year program. Talk to AHPRA becuase their year runs from April - April so you may have enough hours if you start a grad year in Jan or Feb next year.

    However you are looking for a lot with a fixed roster and experience. GP clinics tend not to take new grads as they do not have the clinical skills and experience that are required.

    Day surgery in stand alone clinics may be an option but it is a very specialised skill set that you gain. What about RDNS?
  6. by   canned_bread
    I am in Sydney, NSW. I don't particularly like med-surg, and require something that doesn't have shift work (or if it does, that I can liase to not work night shift, just PM and AM).

    I was wondering what RDNS is?

    I will have to speak to APHRA, because that is my biggest concern... that they will see I don't have enough hours to re-register. I heard that we have to do a certain amount of hours or something to re-register.
  7. by   Sifty
    The RDNS (Royal District Nursing Service) is a good idea. Its community nursing in peoples homes. I did a similar job as an EEN for nearly 2 years it was great. Hours are between 0700 - 1900. No nights. Grad program details on web page just google.