How soon can we make the move - UK to Australia

  1. 0 Hello all,
    My wife and I are set to start studying for our Nursing degrees in September 2013.
    We are very keen to emigrate as soon as we become viable.
    So my question is, how son after qualifying as a Nurse in the UK would we be able to start working in Australia?
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    Suggest you wait until near the time and see what requirements are for both APHRA the Australian nursing body and immigration. Things can change in 3 years or however long it takes for you to complete your training
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    Thanks Silver. The national scheme launched in 2008 and the projected requirement for
    RGNs by the Australian government are good indicators, but you are right, I think waiting until we get a bit closer makes sense.
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    Get experience first. even a year would really help you both.

    Also AHPRA may of changed their requirments for registration.
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    After a lot of reading, it looks like we will be best placed to get at least twelve months experience so as to be able to get the Skilled Migrant Visa or better yet a sponsorship from an employer.

    I know things can and probably will change a lot in the next five years or so, it is just nice to get a feel for what the possibilities are in the future.

    All the best.

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