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Hi There, I know this isn't the nursing student forum, however that area of the board is largely plagued with nursing students in America! I'm an Australian nursing student scouring All Nursing for any other Australian nursing... Read More

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    Well no I didn't do any pre course, but I did very well in TAFE and College, so I should do ok. Plus ACU has a learn to write essay kind of course too while you are in the semester. I'll have to ask about that again.

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    hey ,
    I am in brisbane,semester 2 student of EEN.
    does anyone could give tips of passing exams? such as medication,pathphysiology.
    or anyone at the same level wants to have group study with me ?
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    I posted in this thread several years ago under a different username as a student. it's amazing to look back from where i am now (registered nurse working critical care) and see how far i've come. to any australian students reading this thread: you do become a competent nurse after all that time at uni. somehow, everything you learn at uni comes together when you step out onto the wards as a rn.

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