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Well, it's that time of world again. Our contract expired March 31st. Let's hope AHS gives us what we rightfully deserve in hourly increases. We want our OT back and we want the issue of UNE's... Read More

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    You have to know that the Employer will play nice for the next three weeks, until the election results are in. Then I would say all bets are off. It won't matter which of those... ummm ... women is premier. They'll immediately shift gears and play hard ball. Because health care providers don't have the right to strike in Alberta they know they have the upper hand. Be prepared for a very long negotiating period. If Wildrose wins the election it'll take them some time to get up to speed and although the government of the day insists vehemently that they are not involved in contract negotiations we all know that for the bald-faced lie it is. And with Danielle Smith strongly in favour of privatization, negotiations are going to be a pitched battle. I think it might get rather ugly, but time will tell.
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    Quote from canundergrad
    When I was a UNE I was mandated as supernumerary - I am surprised and confused that they are allowed to fill nurse shifts on your unit! I hope this issue gets addressed in your next contract.
    It's pretty much the same all over the hospital I work in. UNE's are permitted a maximum of four patients "when they are up to speed". I've seen assignments gone over to find the "easiest walkie/talkies" to give to them. This results in a workload from hell for some of the floor staff. I'm not talking LTC, but Active Treatment.

    I've watched managers scrabble around their schedules finding shifts for them to fill and they wind up with the vacant PN lines. Then they turn around to figure out how to give the UNE's their UNA days when they are entitlted to them.

    It's all about incurring as little damage to their unit budgets as possible. Managers don't care if you have five "heavy" patients as long as they can pass of the UNEs onto someone else.
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    Jan, I remember a few years back when it took nearly three years to negotiate a contract. It was barely signed when they had to start negotiating again. Just after that was when the powers that be decided to have all healthcare contracts come due in the same year.
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    But they've kinda missed the boat on that one since the UNA contract expires next year and HSAA is working without one since last April 1.
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    I know, isn't amazing how decentralization fixes everything!!!!

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