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hello this is relating to nursing in Australia and a bit of my story. The worldwide depression has hit Australia slightly hard, so while this GFC has not hurt Australia or nursing as bad as other industries. I really need to tell... Read More

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    Oh. Computer match came out yesterday in Vic for graduate years.... Out of the 7 undergraduate students currently on my ward, 1 got a position for next year....
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    Quote from ceridwyn
    Thank you on your views of nursing education in Australia and the assessment of Australian new graduates and experienced nurses in Australia.When one asks why people here already in Australia are not given first preference in jobs - these assessments are often made by people of different cultures.At no time in my post, have I made any assessments of poorer education of nurses from any of our many immigrant countries.Importantly nurses educated in this country are given many skills, critical thinking is one of them. You will find nurses in the US are also educated in the university system, with same amount do prac but with midwifery and pads included.Private hospitals have many, many, nurses from overseas, because they pay less and do not have to adhere to patient ratios, and therefore more job openings, this is acceptable to new nurses from overseas in the past that are after any employment for sponsorship.Nurses from India are not accepted as midwivess in Australia, along with those from the US and the Phillipines, even though it is included or part of or tacked on to the end of their degree.Another is nurses educated from overseas and here in Australia has made the Australian nursing profession what it is today- a well respected, good pay and we'll resourced, best practise workforce. Our patient outcomes are the best in the world, maybe you have highlited the inadequacies of the entry master program in nursing in under 3 years that should be taken up with AHPRA.
    Perhaps, you could tell me wherein my original post did I mentioned that my thoughts were aimed at you. Nonetheless, thank-you for feeling some attachment to it.

    My original post argues that the lack of new grad positions has much to do with the lack of "capital" new nurses bring to an organisation - hospitals. This has much to do with the level and type of education being delivered and the demands of the hospital systems. An acquisition of a Masters' degree may provide you with better insight and clarity.

    Wherein my original post did I state that Indian-educated nurses can be registered as midwives in Australia? I stated that their knowledge/skills are transferable/applicable to our health-care system. This means that the knowledge/skills they possess can be harnessed and utilized for the good of the system with little expense to us.

    To assist your understanding, perhaps, I should have made it more clearer. Hence, "As such, they also qualify as midwives in India".

    AHPRA has nothing to do with this forum (or the original post)...This is a depository wherein nurses can share their thoughts.
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    Quote from Sezza83
    Oh. Computer match came out yesterday in Vic for graduate years.... Out of the 7 undergraduate students currently on my ward, 1 got a position for next year....
    Great news, have a happy and great career on mid, Registered Nurse, and now Registered Midwife! thinking of doing same next year.
    Sad for you colleagues though, something will come up.
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