Age limit in Australia?

  1. 0 Hi I'm a male nurse here in the Philippines. I'm working as a staff nurse in a tertiary hospital. I want to work in Australia as a nurse but I'm already 42 years old, and I know I still have to enroll in a bridging course first to be able to become a registered nurse there.My question is, will I still be able to find work in a hospital and sponsor my visa after I have finished the bridging course inspite of my age?or do they have age limit?
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    If you want to apply for general skills visa (pr) you need to be 45 years or under when granted the visa...if you want sponsorship,it is my understanding that there is no aged limit.

    However depending on your experience age can work against you, if the person who is doing the employment is a chirpy 30 year old and sponsorships visa's are not as easy to get.

    My bet would be to go for general skilled visa and then you can do agency and casual work and not have the stress of trying to find a sponsorship visa, especially if you have years of nursing experience.

    Then I am not an immigration agent, so these are my own opinions.
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    thanks ceridwyn for your reply

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