Verses for Nurse's Funeral Mass?

  1. My mother who is 63 is terminally ill with pancreatic cancer and most likely only has a few weeks left. Although I find it slighly morbid, we have already started planning her obituary and funeral mass (She's catholic, I'm methodist). I've been asked to say a few words at the mass and to select some bible verses to read. It's not that I am unfamiliar with the bible, far from it, but unfortunately I'm having a hard time selecting appropriate verses.

    I'd like help selecting some verses which pertain directly to nurses / caregivers. My mother was a home health care nurse (RN) her entire life and dedicated her life to helping others. Does anyone have suggestions? Preferably from the KJV.


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  3. by   VivaLasViejas
    Since your mother is Catholic, she may prefer the verses to come from the New American Bible (that's the Catholic version). I don't know that there is anything relating to nursing as we know it; however, there are probably hundreds, if not thousands of verses about how Jesus touched and healed people, how God cares for us, etc.

    If you have a smartphone, you can check your app store and download Bible apps, which will allow you to type in keywords to help you find appropriate verses. I've found mine very helpful, even though I'm Catholic and the Bible app is the KJV.

    So sorry about your impending have my sympathies.
  4. by   pat8585
    how about the verse in the new testament..."well done good and faithful servant"? your mom was a servant to others
    her whole life. And she was also GOD"s servant!
    My sympathies to you on your loss. Not easy to lose a parent.
  5. by   echoRNC711
    How about the good Samaritan parable?
    How often are we called to place our prejudices in our pocket and care and love the person in front of us as is. To me the patient suffering is God looking back right at me. Do I see them? Do I hear them? Do I walk away.

    The hymn "Make me a channel of your peace " echoes much of that sentiment.

    Biblical Quote perhaps "It is better to give than receive"that she exemplified that.

    I think the greatest reflection of a person is the ability to love as is.

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