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I just BARELY started working as an RN. When I mean barely, I mean I'm still in orientation and will officially start working with a preceptor on 8/7. My issue is that I won't be able to attend... Read More

  1. by   gigglebotRN
    Oh yeah that's similar to what someone else suggested to do split shift. I'm going to give that a try too, thank you
  2. by   AlabamaBelle
    I, too, am a member of the church of Christ. I do sympathize with your situation. What I don't understand is why your congregation has these attendance requirements. This is very concerning to me, personally. I work every other weekend, night shift. I go to worship when I can. I attend a small congregation and they all know what I do and seem to accept this. My husband is also a veterinarian who is on call 24/7.

    You will understand when I say that I was raised in the finest legalistic tradition amongst the churches of Christ. If the doors were open, we were there, no exceptions. As I grew up and married, I was exposed to a more grace based faith, and what I feel is closer to the teachings of the Bible. I can go to worship all the time and if I'm like the Pharisee in the parable who thought he was better than everyone else because of his "outer" works and have no recognition of the fact that is grace that saves or that God has given me many blessings, then I've missed the boat.

    I used to think it a sin to miss services, then my youngest daughter was born with a severe heart defect. Members of our congregation were sitting with us during worship time. It was then I realized that worship and service go beyond the bounds of a building. I've missed services to go sit with others. There is something special in that wait time that can't be expressed or shared anywhere else. The act of giving of one's time was what got us through some dark times. Visiting the sick and sitting with them is a part of our faith and an expression of the love we share for our church family.

    I'm blessed to work in a facility that is very faith based. Is it exclusively c of C? No. We have basic beliefs that we can encourage and build each other up and have devotionals and try to start our shift with prayer...totally voluntary.

    Nursing is a 24/7 job and I feel that it is part of serving others. I may not be at worship in body, but my spirit is. God knows my heart and I am at peace with that.