Looking for fellow Muslim nurses.

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    As salaamu alaikum insha Allah*** we can connect and share our experiences. I have been A registered nurse for 5 years and I love it. Gives me a chance to teach my patient's about Islam and feel great about that. I love being Muslim!

    ***Note English translation: 'Peace to you all if Allah wills'.
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    Wa Alaikum As Salaam (Peace be upon you, too) sister! So nice to see another muslimah on the site! We can trade hijab folding secrets, insha'Allah (if Allah wills)!
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    Asalamualaikum. Im so glad to see there are Muslim nurses on this site. I just started nursing school and I have a question im hoping someone can answer for me. So far I am the only hijabi I know in school and I cant seem to figure out how to wear a surgical mask (the one with bands that go around the ears). So what are your techniques of wearing those?
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    Salaam sister,

    I just put the top straps tied to the bottom, the bottom to the top. However, if you were in OR or somewhere where you would need it on for a while I would wear an al amira style and put it on over your underscarf then your head through the second piece, inshaAllah (Godwilling) this should work. I have sometimes worn a large cap (not wrapped around) with a turtleneck for coverage. Sometimes your baby hairs will come out the bottom, though. May Allah (God) make it easy for you!!
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    Thank you so much. But im still not sure if we are talking about the same kind of mask. Im referring to the one which has only two straps one on the right and one on the left and they both are supposed to go around the ears.
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    Ok, I'm not a Muslim nurse but I have an idea....if you wear eye glasses, do you not have them resting on your ears which are underneath your hijab? If this is the case, then could you not hook the ear loops of your mask around your ears under the hijab? I'm sure it isn't this simple, but I thought I'd give it a shot!
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    Walaikoum asalaamu! (Peace be upon you, too) I'm glad to see Muslim nurses on here as well. I'm currently a CNA but will be pursuing my RN degree soon insha'Allah (God willing.) It would be great to connect with you all!
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    @aysha90 Asalaamu alaikoum (peace be upon you), I would wear an al-amirah scarf like @bebbercorn mentioned, they are easy to adjust compared to a hijab secured with pins and with clean hands I would put on the mask putting my hands inside my scarf and secure to my ears with as little fuss as possible lol (I'd maybe practice at home to get a method going) When I needed to take it off I'd decontaminate my hands/take all other safety precautions and remove it the same way I put it on or carry a little pair of scissors in my pocket to cut the strings to avoid going in my scarf again. I know it seems a little troublesome but that's what I personally do if the masks that are able to go over the head aren't supplied.
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    I am not a nurse yet but will be starting pre nursing, next semester. I am in the process of converting to Islam.
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    Assalaam Alaikum (peace be upon you). I will be starting my nursing program in January and I will need all the prayers to get through! I have a question: what hijab style is better for staying in place? I am still trying to find figure out how to style my hijabs and I would like a style that will stay in place while I am at clinicals. I pray that we can be a support system for each other because I do not know many Muslim nurses.
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