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Hey guys. I am here to share my thoughts. I have been a nurse for 10months now, and waiting for break through where I can feel good again. I work nights, to which I totally blame all my tiredness... Read More

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    In your prayers, ask for peace. Ask for strength. For an open and loving heart. Get yourself a daily devotion book that is Bible based. Before bed read it, think about it, then attempt to apply it. It takes patience and practice. Get involved in your church. Go to prayer meeting, immerse yourself in a spiritual life outside of your job. Take a deep breath when you are working and say a silent prayer of "God give me strength". See your minister--even if it is once a month for some spiritual counsel. Because you believe in God then you do know that there's a plan in place for you. You will learn and grow to get to that place. And it is not a sin to be frustrated. You just do what you can with the tools that you have to find inner peace. For me, I am not what one would call a classically religious anything--I have many many beliefs that take from multiple religious practices. My religious buffet. But the common theme is having a good heart, good intentions, and kindness.
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    Please get saved first!
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    Quote from apatt2
    Please get saved first!
    Saved from what? To the OP- Hang in there- Nursing is difficult to adjust to as a newbie, and nights can be very difficult as well. Try to remember that as nurses, we can't always change the outcome, but we can make a horrible experience for a patient/family just a little bit easier to bear. I believe this is a good message no matter what faith you follow.Also- there is another wonderful thought- All paths up the mountain lead to the same place. They may be different paths, but each person finds their correct path....except the person running around the mountain telling everyone else that only HER/HIS path is right and everyone else is wrong. (I'm NOT saying the OP was doing this, btw!) I've been lucky to have been privelaged to take care of a number of wonderful patients of different religions, and I always love being able to speak to people about their spirituality. I've learned so much, another of the perks of being a nurse.

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