Have you been taught how to assess a patient's spiritual needs?

  1. 0 I never learned how to assess a patient's spiritual needs when I was in college years ago.
    I am wondering if other nurses have been taught this in nursing school. Also, are you receiving ongoing educational support through your employer or other program?
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    We were taught how to do this, but it was very general. Basically, we were told to ask if they had any religious preference. If so, we could then offer them 1) the services provided at the hospital and/or 2) encourage them to have their clergy/religious leaders visit them. There are areas in the assessment (admission) that ask about this very directly and if there is anything we can do to meet their spiritual needs while they are inpatient.
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    Similar to Soldier's response.

    Was touched upon in school years ago, but only generally... our curriculum was packed! (As are most... all.)
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    Thank you for your feedback! Most appreciated.
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    We did, and when I worked in hospice we learned more in-depth assessment. We learned how to assess spiritual needs for all patients, not just one denomination.
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