Unsettling experience

  1. I recently moved from PA to WV and took an agency job in a backwoods town for a correctional facility. I knew the DON did not want agency from day one, but as time was nearing their audit, suddenly the physician and DON were writing me up for things from 2 or 3 months earlier, eg, inmate been punched and physician claimed I said PERRL....well, upon my investgation and my agency, I had said "too swollen to assess" and referred for dr call immediately, etc
    My agency dropped the place today but I cannot unerstand why this doctor and don were so hellbent on getting me out....I mean they were using syringes to flush port-a-cath now suddenly after I complained they have luer locks finally........I cannot figure out why they would lie so much to get an agency RN out the door when I had 3 weeks left; it is disheartening and honestly, a little spooky.
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  3. by   Twiggi
    I really have no idea why they would be doing this to you. Just play it safe for your last 3 weeks. You can consider bringing it to HR, but things can get a little messy.

    Make sure you DOCUMENT EVERYTHING.

    Best of luck and I'm sorry about this happening to you.
  4. by   libran1984
    This is not uncommon. Correctional facilities have their own way of life, and health care providers are just as different in behavior and function as the offender lifestyle is in the dorms.

    I saw many, many mishaps and inappropriate behavior from nursing staff and medical management. In fact, this thread has even inspired me to write out some of my more fun and interesting correctional stories.

    Let's get ghetto ^_^
  5. by   Pittguy1971
    thanks, I appreciate it; my agency broke the contract when they caught the facility in one too many lie; I just have never basically had a physician lie and say I documented something one way when it was untrue and no one cared to check; it is just crazy, I don't think she was used to a RN offering suggesstions for wound care or IVs even when phrased like I was asking her; the inmates were piece of cake, don and physician, sociopath lol