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I haven't seen a thread like this so I thought it would be interesting to see everybody's opinion. What do you guys think about tattoos and/or piercings in the work place? I know it's deemed... Read More

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    I have worked in nursing and in sales for most of my life and I have learned to never show anything that might upset or offend your client. This includes my tatoos, I always wear long sleeves which in nursing is a good idea anyway. I always am clean shaven no beard or mustache. This helps me build trust and confidence of my patients. When I am in my free time I expose my tatoos and too be perfectly honest if I could start all over again I would not get them.
    Any thing that upsets or offends your client makes your job tougher and invites complaints!!!
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    The intelligent rule of thumb here is to present a rather benign appearance at work b/c appearance matters, and b/c people form 1st impressions quickly. I suppose anyone is entitled to their publicly visible tattoo just as others are entitled to feel how they feel about it. Culture and standards do not change quickly.

    Personally I feel the workplace is filled w/ more than enough drama, squabbling, corporate rules & human political conflicts than to add tattoo self expression into it.

    I do not think it wise to enter a professional field such as healthcare which has enormous exposure to the older generations and not expect pushback from those who dislike tattoos.
    Anyone who feels "hated" by the disapproving reactions of strangers is probably too thin skinned to have gotten a visible tattoo in the 1st place. That's enough for this topic. oop:
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    I have none but work with several girls who do - they range from a single small discreet tattoo to several tats that cover a lot of their body that cannot be covered. The administrator (who is also the owner) has many so as long as they are not offensive or contain foul language they are very welcome where I work. In 30 yrs of doing this kind of work I have never seen so many aides and nurses that have so many tattoos!
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    Quote from DizzyLizzyNurse
    I think it's funny how so many people think it should be ok to have what they have but anything else isn't cool.

    I have a hidden tattoo. My ears are pierced up several times apiece. I had a tongue ring that my residents LOVED when I worked in LTC. My belly button is pierced. I'd love a small nose ring or eyebrow ring, but I'm leery of getting something on my face (infection or scarring). I personally don't see anything wrong with it.
    Ooph, I understand the infection/scarring issue. I got a nose piercing when I was 18 -- I LOVED it, but it didn't love me. Even though I cleaned it daily, it was always uncomfortable and got infected to the point that -- get this -- the nose ring actually had to be CUT out. I used nail clippers to break the nose ring because it was so swollen I could not remove it! And I took darn good care of that thing! 7 years later and there is still a scar where that piercing was. Obviously, something did not agree with me!
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    I'm curious as to why some people seem to think individuals with tattoos/piercings go against the rules? It just seems like a stereotype to me, honestly. I know many people with tattoos who follow the "rules". I also know of a woman who is 58 years old and just finished her 6th tattoo, all of which have personal meaning to her.

    I have nothing against tattoos/piercings; judging someone based on their physical looks is a gamble; you're wrong or right half the time. I have a tongue ring simply because I like the look of it..I take it out when the situation warrants taking it out.

    I do personally however dislike some of the astronomically crazy tattoos and piercings I've seen. I know a guy who has a zombie crawling out of a hole filled with car parts tattooed across his chest...creeps me out to no end.
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    I am not against tattoos, I don't have any, but have dated some people with them.

    I understand that there are more and more people with tattoos, but the understanding of anyone getting a tattoo should be that healthcare is a conservative industry. While some facilities will allow tattoos, a visible tattoo can keep you from getting a job.

    My nursing program had a strict policy on visible tattoos and a girl I knew was trying to get into the program had tattoos along her hairline and she had to delay nursing school a year to have tattoos lasered off.
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