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I had decided that I needed to relocate to get a hospital job.. Seemed like a great idea at the time. I got a job offer last week. I've started to really look into places to live. The numbers are... Read More

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    Ok...I have jumped in with both feet....I think a lot of my trepidation was the fact I was waiting to hear about another job (still a transfer but better fit 12's and near family so no housing cost). On my long drive yesterday to do paper work and physical.... I received the dreaded thanks but no thanks email from the other job....

    I will make it work. It is very important to get my foot in the door so to speak. The stagnation of my career in the area I live is just awful..... I need to move forward.

    I'm good. I still have to figure out housing and I know I will and it will be fine. I looked at our savings and we have enough to pick up and extras that it will cost. I'm feeling better.

    Thanks for all your thoughts and ideas. I definitely needed them the other day.
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    Make sure if you submit them anything in writing you spell it "acceptance" not "exceptance" .....
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    Quote from squidbilly
    Make sure if you submit them anything in writing you spell it "acceptance" not "exceptance" .....
    That is so funny you wrote I was opening this thread just now for the up-tenth time I realized that I misspelled the word "Acceptance" LOL Then I see your post. I"m usually very anal about spelling correctly...I can't believe I miss this one...Thanks for the heads up.