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I had decided that I needed to relocate to get a hospital job.. Seemed like a great idea at the time. I got a job offer last week. I've started to really look into places to live. The numbers are turning out to be much higher... Read More

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    Follow your gut. It is almost never wrong.

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    So you have decided to rescind your job acceptance? If you explain the financial situation and the housing issue, maybe it will allow you to avoid burning bridges. I would let them know soon though.
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    I agree with moonflower.. Discuss the issue with your hiring manager. But if you think that getting your foot in the door is important- it may actually be worth it for a while- in most places after about 6 mos you can transfer- perhaps you could find a job with 3 12's then. Beyond that- in another 6 mos you'll have the year of acute experience most hospitals are looking for.. And then maybe somewhere closer to home? Otherwise the weekend thing might work. If you don't want the job though- definitely let the manager know ASAP. You don't want to burn any bridges...
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    Ok...I have jumped in with both feet....I think a lot of my trepidation was the fact I was waiting to hear about another job (still a transfer but better fit 12's and near family so no housing cost). On my long drive yesterday to do paper work and physical.... I received the dreaded thanks but no thanks email from the other job....

    I will make it work. It is very important to get my foot in the door so to speak. The stagnation of my career in the area I live is just awful..... I need to move forward.

    I'm good. I still have to figure out housing and I know I will and it will be fine. I looked at our savings and we have enough to pick up and extras that it will cost. I'm feeling better.

    Thanks for all your thoughts and ideas. I definitely needed them the other day.
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    Make sure if you submit them anything in writing you spell it "acceptance" not "exceptance" .....
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    Quote from squidbilly
    Make sure if you submit them anything in writing you spell it "acceptance" not "exceptance" .....
    That is so funny you wrote I was opening this thread just now for the up-tenth time I realized that I misspelled the word "Acceptance" LOL Then I see your post. I"m usually very anal about spelling correctly...I can't believe I miss this one...Thanks for the heads up.

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