Nursing Etiquette

  1. So I've been working in an agency, and while I'm getting along fine, a set "full time" job would be much more comfortable. I've been getting good reviews from the main LTC agency I get sent to... So my question is, is it terrible etiquette to apply to this place that seems to be requesting me specifically more and more?
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  3. by   tokmom
    I don't think it world be in bad taste if you really like the job. Are you under a contract though?
  4. by   FLArn
    Read the fine print on the Time slip or whatever form the facility signs when you've worked a shift for them. Some agencies require facilities to pay a fee if they hire an agency employee within a certain time frame of using said employee through the agency. Some facilities are willing to pay the fee, others will avoid the fee by not using the employee for the "waiting" period. Some will not hire agency employees at all.
  5. by   tiroka03
    Doesn't it make you feel good to be requested repeatedly We all should have experiences like this.
  6. by   merlee
    You need to know what your agency's policy is on this as stated above.

    DO NOT APPLY until you know what could happen. Some agencies state 6 months or even longer between the time you last worked at a place and being hired, or a fee will be charged. If the facility chooses to pay the fee - and some will, if you are a good fit and already well-oriented - they may make you sign a contract that you must stay a set amount of time, or you will be asked to reimburse the fee.

    Keep in mind, that the as an agency nurse, you are not involved in the facility's politics, and that you may not be seeing many of those issues. Such as , why do they need you so often?

    Best wishes!!
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  7. by   evolvingrn
    definitely look at your time slip. I read everything but so i was aware but many of the agency people i worked with had no idea that by signing their time slip their was a small print contract requiring 6 months separation or a significant fee for each party if hired.
  8. by   BrazilianLPN
    I wanted to thank everyone for their detailed and varied answers! This helped me a lot. It says nothing on the contract, but there may be a more interesting opportunity on the horizon. You guys rock!