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The "uniforms are killing us" thread had many discussions about the things other then scrubs that can make a nurse look unprofessional. Here's a place to talk about unprofessional nails ... First off, I have acrylic nails. ... Read More

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    When I went through my CNA class, the instructor told us that we had to keep our nails cut to the tip of our fingers, could not wear fake nails, and could not have polish. She gave us an artical were an OB nurse had been taking care of several babies that died. When they looked into it, the reason was from germs found under her fake nails. I under stand about some people not having the greatest nails, but what would you do if you found out that a pt contracted something from your nails? For those that have bad nails, I would think that having the fakes on over the cracked nails would just make pockets for things to grow, you may not even know it.

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    Acrylic nails should not be worn by anyone who has direct contact with patients according to the new CDC guidlines which came out last October.

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