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I'm worried about having to work with somebody who exaggerates and may even lie; someone who refuses to accept accountability and quick to place blame on everyone and everything else but their self; and going out their the way to... Read More

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    Quote from herasheis
    Does anyone recommend discussing these issues with the person at any time? Maybe nobody has ever told them that their attitude could be harmful and perhaps they should put it in check before working as an RN. Or is that a bad idea?
    This is someone with whom you do not currently work? And someone who is not now a nurse?

    Then this is probably not your responsibility.

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    Wow.. I've encountered this EVERWHERE I've worked in nursing. And unfortunately there was more than one nurse w/these "habits". I agree with documenting everything. Maybe call her on it, but the other people are right, it probably won't help, and may hurt. If you trust your management, bring it to their attention. I can't stand nurses like this and it's funny because they ARE so quick to point out anothers' mistake and SO UNwilling to admit their own faults. NOT nice people to work with. Very negative.
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    Document, document, document. Also, they're your coworkers, not your friends.
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    Quote from HIPAA
    Document, document, document. Also, they're your coworkers, not your friends.
    That is for sure! ALWAYS watch what you say. The less revealed, the better, IMO. Your 'best buddy' can be sitting in a deposition, testifying against you next month.
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    I discussed my concerns with person today because I kind of felt like it was my responsibility. I'm glad I did it because now I feel like I've set boundaries. If I was behaving in such a way, I would hope that someone--anyone, would say something to me. Maybe person was unaware of the behavior. To sit and watch a potential train-wreck and not do anything about it, in my opinion, is wrong in many ways. I said what I had to say and did what I had to do.

    Thanks for the advice. It is certainly appreciated.

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