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I am being bullied at work and I just don't know what to do. It's to the point it's affecting my health. A coworker (our board runner) befriended me, for me to find out she just wanted to find my weaknesses, and she's managed to... Read More

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    Okay, a couple people are saying to go to HR, but the "mean" nurse hasn't done anything. At least nothing that the OP can expand upon. All's she said is that she isn't be friendly, being mean, supposedly "bad mouthed" her. All of this is pure hearsay, and 90% of what I've seen is not bullying. If she is spreading rumors, that's one thing, but complaining to HR that no one is being your friend...to me that comes off like a needy nonprofessional nurse. You are not at work to make friends. That's why my suggestion was to focus on WORK and not on making friends, and ignor all the cattyness. I think you would get laughed out of HR for this. Just my opinion.
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    Ignore the situation and do your job. Find friends outside the workplace not in the workplace. If u have friends outside, self esteem is high, and having no friends at work won't faze you. I'd only report her to the manager if she was putting you in dangerous practical situations. Remember when reporting follow the chain of command.
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    You seem really sad and I'm sorry ur going thru this. Stay strong & brave. The winds will blow a different way. Good luck to u.
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    I agree with all of those that are advising you to go to HR. HR needs to know, if they don't already, and should be able to help you. However, I have been in similar situations. It's very difficult to "ignore the situation and do your job", or to suck it up and be "assertive". Or to wait for HR to do something about it and for the calm and professional respect to return. I decided that, even though I may love my job, that type of stress is not tolerable and I will not put myself through it again, trying to "be strong". My blood pressure was getting high, I hated going in, I was having migraines, I was having trouble focusing, I was unhappy at work and at home. It was effecting every aspect of my life. The day I resigned I could take no more. I sat at my desk and typed my resignation. I handed it to my supervisor, who was the head bully. She actually sat at my desk and cried, bc she didn't know what she was going to do about a certain situation without me. So I told her that was now her problem. If she hadn't been so ugly to me and passive aggressive, I would not be leaving. As a manager, the company did not want me to work out my notice, so I packed and left that day. Now she, and several others there, are sorry. What goes around, comes around.

    Start looking for another job and emphasize to the hiring manager that you are not only looking for a job you love, but an atmosphere that is mature and professional. Move on. The bully, and everyone else, will realize after you are gone that she has actually lost, not won, by pushing out a valuable and compassionate employee. It's not worth risking your health or your sanity. You deserve to be happy and respected. You can find that somewhere else.

    I'm surprised that no one else advised that you leave. Sometimes a negative culture is so insidious that you will never be able to change it. So change what you can, take control of your life and move on. That may be the change that you need.

    Good luck!
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    I would try to transfer to another unit or maybe look for employment elsewhere. But thats me and a very personal decision you would have to make.

    But I do know what that can be like and ignoring it can be easier said than done and HR can sometimes make the tension worse. Nurses can be brutal sometimes, for no reason. Plus if people are out to get you than a witch hunt on your job performance can happen and they can make you look bad making mountains out of mole hillls.

    Good luck. You have to do what you think is best, listen to you gut.
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    I am not a nurse yet but I totally understand where you're coming from. Where I work, we had a new employee come in. Her and I started off friendly and seemed like we were "clicking". Push comes to shove and she decides she doesn't like me. So, because she didn't like me, that meant the rest of our co-workers couldn't. She went on what seemed like a crusade to indoctrinate other people against me. Every time she heard something went wrong, she would eagerly ask if I was the guilty party for messing something up. And I am known in the office for being great at my job. I get glowing performance appraisals every year and have been told by management I am the "go to" person for just about everything. She literally wanted to see me fail and did just about everything possible to make me feel excluded. Just all around petty! She even said I supposedly wear high heals so I can "be like her". Who says stupid crap like that and honestly believes it besides 6th graders? That was just the tip of the iceberg.

    When a new employee came on staff, she made sure this person was against me, too. After this dreaded co-worker left, this new employee told me everything this girl said about me which kind of raised some questions in my head. It seemed like it was finally "okay" in this girl's mind to speak to me because this woman was finally gone. Not cool in my book. Like you, I am a nice person and am forgiving. Fact is, not everyone is nice. Some women (and men) derive pleasure in hurting other people and love the control they gain when they can sabotage your reputation and indoctrinate others against you. I think many women don't see what they're doing as wrong.

    I am so sorry you had to go through this. Hang in there and remember to never ever define your value as a person based on what others think. You are special, lovely, and wonderful... No matter what anyone else says!
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    This all sounds like childish, schoolyard antics to me. These are educated professionals...behaving this way?
    I know it's easy to form a judgement based on the information we read. But we also know that a miserable work environment has a large effect on us. ( think about it...it's where we spend most of our time)
    My method was the following...( after a nasty co-worker ATTEMPTED these same immature antics)...I ignored and perservered for several months. And in all honesty, I didn't let it affect my well-being. But it came to a point where I thought " NO MORE! This is BS!"
    As we were about to start narc shift counts...I stood directly in front of her ( close enough for her to not turn away) and I firmly asked her if there was a problem? And if there isn't...then she will NEVER speak to me in that manner again!!...and if she continued...we would have an issue for management, HR and union rep. to get in on.
    Sometimes...a bully will only be a bully if they can get away with it!! School yard or nursing unit!!

    P.S...it never happened again!!...and we became good work mates!
    Take control of your position as a team member...you can do it!
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    Just wanted to thank everyone's advice. Even the tough love!
    I moved on
    Regained my sanity and I'm tougher for it. I learned from this
    It was rough but important thing is to learn and to be strong
    But thanks again to all my nursing peers

    Keep on keeping on!

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