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Trouble getting a job in a "Good Ole Boy Town"

  1. 0 Dear Nurse Beth,

    Honest & professional non-judgmental feedback please.

    I served in the military for many years. When I got out all I could get were per diem positions in my area of experience. I had to change jobs frequently due to my husband's contract work. We moved out of state and I could not not find a nursing position. I returned to the university and earned my BSN with a high GPA. The husband is no longer and ten years have gone by. Despite the fact I have kept my certifications current and attended a refresher course, finding full time employment continues to be a problem.

    I took a position at a local hospital and the bullying was awful, second day. The care at this hospital was unsafe and I left after three weeks. I applied to another local hospital and the HR director called me and told me not to apply to his hospital. I have never heard of this and the hostility in the nursing community is really awful.

    The community I live in is a good ole boy town and you have to know people to get a job here. My quality of life is very poor here despite the fact I have tried to connect and reach out. Needless to say I have stopped trying in my current community because I have gotten nowhere in 2.5+ years.

    I have a great job at another local hospital but I need full-time work. I don't want to give an employer the impression that I'm moving around. I am applying for full-time in another city. All I want is to plant myself in a place where I can grow in my profession and have a good life.

    Dear good ole boy town,

    It sounds like you've been blackballed at some but not all of the hospitals where you live. Nothing is going to change at those hospitals as long as the current HR Director and other people involved are still in charge.

    At the same time you “have a great job at another local hospital”. I would try extremely hard to parlay the part-time job into full-time since you are happy there and it’s local. Have you talked to other managers in the hospital? Told your manager you love you job but (like most of us) need full-time, and what advice does she have for you? Surely full-time nursing positions must open up from time to time.

    Another recourse is to relocate and get a fresh start.

    Best wishes,

    Nurse Beth

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    You were in the military. Have you considered applying for a nursing position with the VA?
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    It's time to move. Come to the dc/maryland/northern virginia area. Jobs are plentiful. MedStar hospitals are pretty good and you will be able to climb the ladder without discrimination.
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    I agree. Try the VA!! I got an offer there as a new grad.
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    New Orleans, LA had a ribbon cutting ceremony last week on their new billion dollar medical center. However, they aren't taking their first outpatient until next month, and no acute care admissions until sometime next year. Part of the reason is that after their old facility was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, most of their staff were scattered to the winds. As of now, this particular VA hospital is looking at a nurse staffing need in the hundreds, as they are basically starting from scratch, so there is tremendous employment potential in New Orleans. As a veteran, you automatically receive at least 5 points of hiring preference.