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Hi Nurse Beth, I'm an RN of 4.5yrs and live in MI. I've always worked for the same facility which is a 300 bed hospital. I've done medsurg/tele and L&D both of which I don't particularly want to... Read More

  1. by   mirandagwalker
    Please may I have some advice I have applied for a band 6 post and I have to do a presentation. This is the title 'How would you know you were delivering a high quality specialist palliative care service in the community?'
    At present I am a band 5 and I have had 10 years post registration experience and the last three years I have worked in a hospice my interview is on 14 December. I really would appreciate your help. Thanks so much.
  2. by   Mhays
    Congratulations in looking into your relocation. I have just relocated myself and I did these following steps which I believe will help you:
    1. Google the location that you are trying to relocate.
    2. Go to your local library and get some books on your new location.
    3 Ask your employer for information about your new location too.

    I hope this helps you out and congratulations to you.
  3. by   marcellahays1
    Here is what I would do:

    1. Ask questions in your community about this aspect.

    2. Ask your members of the community what they want to see or are looking for.

    3. Write a survey questionaire and ask the people in the community for their opinions.