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Dear Nurse Beth, I am a 37yr old procrastinator, who is full of regrets and is wondering if it's too late to start nursing school. I beg of you to bear with me as I'm full of questions and having... Read More

  1. by   ActualNurse
    Quote from TheCommuter
    I was a 23-year-old factory worker with no education beyond a high school diploma in 2004. My job was in jeopardy so I took a risk by quitting to enroll in a 12-month LVN program that required no prerequisite coursework. I had a mortgage and other obligations, which meant I could only be out of work for one year.

    In 12 months I had a new career. I've since earned my ASN degree, RN license, and BSN degree. Now I am enrolled in an online MSN program.

    For someone with no college credits to his/her name, a fast-track 12-month LPN/LVN program could be what the doctor ordered.

    You are amazing.
  2. by   ActualNurse
    Quote from hopefulhdr
    I'm starting an accelerated program at Johns Hopkins in January - 22 months.
    I'll be 34 years old with a 2 and a half year old and a husband. Not saying it will be a breeze and it's hard to go back to school but age is not such a big deal.

    Do factor in time for pre reqs though - it's taken me 8 months to do mine and take the GRE.

    Best of luck!
    I started my nursing career at age 30. In those days there were fewer options than today. No online courses, no part-time courses. You pretty much had to make sacrifices and go to school full-time. So I am happy to see there are many more options today. I support anyone who chooses this path at any age. It will be challenging, yes, but with determination and support you will succeed. All the best to you.
  3. by   NurseDiane
    You WILL get a job coming out of Hopkins, for sure. You'll probably get a job at Hopkins.

    The best of luck to you!!
  4. by   mani96
    I went to nursing school when I was 40, you're not too old. However, do NOT go into debt to get a nursing degree. I repeat, do NOT go into debt. I graduated from a very highly ranked nursing school and incurred a ridiculous amount of debt, and spent almost a year trying to get a job after graduation. I've heard NYC is tough for RNs (esp new grads). Keep in mind the job market for nursing your area and research that thoroughly before you declare your major in nursing. The advice to get a job in health care as a patient care tech is good because it's a great way to feel out whether you want to do this work.
  5. by   Sandschild
    I graduated nursing school at the age of 51 years old. It was a booger because my brain didn't function or retain as well as it had the last time I attended school. So no, your are not too old to start. But, do not wait.

    Do your pre-req's. Do WELL on them. Your GPA can be what makes or breaks you. Start your dedication, because once in Nursing Program, you have no life. Join Nursing associations. If you have to work, start as CNA, and move up from there.

    That is all based on my experience. Good Luck!
  6. by   Sandschild
    There are always agencies - usually begging for help. worth checking out.
  7. by   lemoncayke
    Hi, I would l just like to say that I'm about yoru age and in a similar boat. I have been to college, and I have taken most science classes (I even have a degree), but I have not worked in the field and am finding that after 10+ years, the coursework no longer counts...

    I also live in NYC so I understand like you, that the programs here seem fairly confusing (I'm finding a lot of prerequisites with information that mostly applies to recent college grads, people straight out of HS, or people who already have some experience in Nursing).

    But please don't think you're too old, never! Best of luck to you and if you figure any of this out, please let us know

  8. by   kjb_lpn
    Congratulations on taking the first step!
    37 is not too old to start over. A very dear friend of mine graduated nursing school last year in her 50s and now has a fulfilling career in home health.

    As some others have suggested, look into a placeholder like PCA or CNA just to get some money coming in. Wishing you luck in everything!
  9. by   kimrn2018
    To Overwhelmed- I was also in your shoes but at the age of 50! I had always regretted not getting my nursing degree. I started by getting my LPN - so now I am working as an LPN at a local hospital & just started an LPN to BSN program at the age of 54. I will graduate when I am 56!! When I attended an informational meeting before starting an LPN program I asked them whether I would get hired at my age when I was done & they said absolutely- that my age was an asset!! So all you have to do is start! Good Luck!!