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What's being done to help nurses? NOTHING! - page 2

From (THANK YOU, Karen, for the link)!! From the 107th Congress: H. R. 822, Medicare Certified Registered Nurse First Assistant Direct Reimbursement Act of 2001 (Introduced in House), To... Read More

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    Senator Boniar's on the list.

    I E-mailed the Senator earlier this year regarding the nursing shortage.

    I'm proud he's supporting us.

    Hmm I know who I'm re-electing!!!
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    <Does the ANA or anyone else have a list of senators and congressmen who have voted for or against nursing legislation, or who and who hasn't co-sponsored some of the above bills?>

    There is a contact button on ANA website. You could ask the ANA PAC or the governmental affairs dept. Usually its more a list of who HAS co-sponsored a bill & if your reps name is not it he hasnt. YOu could also contact your particular representative & tell him you want to know how he voted on a certain bill. Sometimes that info is on his website too.
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