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This was written in response to a thread where a nurse experienced lateral violence at the hands of her preceptor. I thought it would be an appropriate discussion to start in this area. Thoughts? And so it goes in the world of... Read More

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    Hilarious! I totally thought that you lived in Washington State for some reason! Well, here's to hoping that someone in Washington State will stand in for you because Texas is one big old state! You make an excellent point about the nursing "shortage." There doesn't appear to be one presently. I hope this is short-lived! A bill in favor of a nationally mandated nurse-to-patient ratio would certainly put nurses to work.


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    Wow, Tabitha, thank you for addressing your response/challenge to me! I wish I could write as well as you! Sure, I'll be happy to stand up for the nurses in Washington State, but I am in Texas and I'll have to stand here too! I will check to see what S103 is (some activist!). We have here Senate Bill SB476 regarding Nurse Staffing. ... Nursemike, you are inspiring also and help make it all worthwhile. Well, thinking about this discussion throughout my day I kind of thought that there was a tremendous PR thing going on about "the nursing shortage" that has been picked up by NYTimes, Newsweek etc. etc. It seems that it has been promulgated by some entity that somehow benefits by it(?) I have read a lot of posts and have friends that are trying to get jobs that are not there. Especially new nurses. Schedulers say they are going crazy trying to staff but everyone has a "hiring freeze". Witness the intense interest that was just shown in the part time Mollen vaccination clinics on our boards. Another thing I thought about is that it seems that Hospital Administrators at the top level perhaps seem to think of us a "glorified clerks".[i.e."Well, they're college educated, they must be able to fill out a few forms correctly"] It's as though they are so impressed with documentation that they conceive us as sitting at a desk orchestrating care by UAPs, Techs, transport aides, housekeeping--sort of like a foreman of the floor. And we learn so little of this in Nursing School. And we, silly things, want to deal in vomit and blood and pain. I can see them saying.."What do these women want!" (OK what do these PERSONS want) Yes we want it all. We want to have hands on with the patient and we want to handle the paperwork, doctor interface, community of care thing. I read a forty two page job description of charge nurse duties that, well, no one could do well for the patient load. I'd like to see some ideas of how we ourselves define our job; what we ourselves conceive as the role of the nurse. I'm still new and learning all the unwritten, unspoken aspects of the job. Sometimes I'd like to just ask: "What is our goal here-what are we really trying to accomplish?" Many times I've been surprised to see it wasn't what I thought it was.
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