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9/12/09 I heard,and I do not if it is true or not,but that the American Nursing Accociation is supporting this health care bill that they are currently trying to pass?Have they even looked at... Read More

  1. by   James Garrity
    HR 31 shoTop 10 reasonsuld be listed DNR

    1.This has nothing to do with health care,if it were,there would be open descussion on the alternative planns the republicans and the senate have proposed.No this is about a power grab of the goverment to force socalism on the american people,and the people have said"hell no!"
    2.85% of ameicans have,and are happy with there health care coverage.dosn't sound like a crisis to me
    3.FACT.Both the Canadian and UK health care systems are a compleat mess,with long delays in getting needed care.And have been critizied by the people in the know regarding that health care model.
    4.It will be the end of private health care insurance companies,because private insurance companies cant print money. will bankrupt Medicare,Medicaid,and Social Security
    The tax payes will bear a burden for generations tro come of the Trillions of dollars need to fund it,over and above what has alreasy been spent in the stimulus plan,and we see how well that went(cash for klunkers)
    6.When has the goverment EVER made any thing cheaper and more effecent?
    8.The goverments own track record in dealing with the VA and American Indian Health Service prove that the goverment can not,and should not be in charge of the health care of the american poulation and 1/7 of our national; economy
    9.Despite what Obama has said,and hes lieing throgh his teeth if he says different,and he has,that there will be rationing of care to the very young(taxpayer funded abortions on demand)(end of life counseltations) and the elderly as they are seen by this administration as not productive to the society.That sounds familar,oh yea,the NAZI concentration camps.
    10.A "health Zar" calling the shots on who,what,when and how much health care you will recive.The same as in any communist administration,Hell,whats not to like

    Obama is the biggest threat to the safety and well being of the American people since the Cuban Missle crisis,He dose not care about health care for the people,that is obvious by the stupid comments he has made"sometimes your just better off taking a pain pill,than getting the surgury"Is Obama a doctor now, as well as the nations savior?Yes we do need some things changed like Permitting insurance companies to sell any where in the 50 states and alow people to purchase insurance from another state if it is a cheaper and better plan.We need to have serious Tort reform so malpractice insurance cost will be cheaper,and the savings past on to the patients,elimination of insurance companies overiding a doctors decicion on needed test because if you know moire about what your dealing with(the patient) you are less likley to make a mistake,and be sued.And we must take personal responsibility for our own health care.We are the most obese and laziest nation on earth.Obesity is the underlying cause for most of the countries helth problens,factor in tobaco and alchol and no wonder people cant get insured.But we donot need to trash the best health care in the world because the liberal socalist think everybody should have it,regardless.The old adage aplies here,You get what you pay for,and if you pay nothing,nothing is what you get.
    James(please forgive my typo's and spelling as I was rushing through this.)
  2. by   elkpark
    Quote from CRNA2007
    You don't refute anything try Page 116 A Professional Study and Resource Guide for the CRNA. Are you even an APRN? I don't know of one single APRN that supports the ANA.
    I've been an APRN for many years, I've been an active member of the ANA for many years (since before I went back to grad school), and I'm a strong supporter of a single-payer system. I know lots of APRNs, "regular" nurses, and physicians who feel the same. The fact that you don't doesn't prove anything. We all tend to associate with people who share our views.
  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    Quote from james garrity

    obama is the biggest threat to the safety and well being of the american people since the cuban missle crisis,
    i survived the cuban missle crisis, duck 'n cover under our schooldesks and fearmongering that our water was going to be contaminated from russians during cold war. guess i can survive current presidency and continue my fight to have all americans have a basic healthcare: immiunizations, nutrition education, disease prevention, early detection screenings, effective medication management--stuff i've been working on as homecare rn nearly 25yrs along with being delegate at ana conventions when these positions adopted in 80's...

    back to topic: ana supporting this idea for health care reform.

    ana's positions on healthcare reform - frequently asked questions

    q, how does ana decide on its policy for healthcare reform?

    [font=times new roman,times new roman][font=times new roman,times new roman]a. ana's house of delegates, our representative deliberative body democratically elected by our constituent (state) member associations, voted to adopt a stance in support of guaranteed, affordable, high-quality health care for all. this has been established policy of the association for many years, most recently reaffirmed resoundingly by the ana house of delegates in 2005.

    q. what is ana's core belief on health care?

    [font=times new roman,times new roman][font=times new roman,times new roman]a. ana believes that health care is a basic human right, and supports the world health organization's challenge - originally articulated in 1978, and reaffirmed as late as 2007 - for all nations to provide a basic level of health care to their citizens. the current us system fails in this regard at multiple levels. in fact, it is the only industrialized western country that does not provide this guarantee to its citizens. it also fails to make the best use of its skilled nursing professionals to provide care throughout all settings and in the varied capacities in which nurses can contribute to significantly patient welfare.

    q. what changes does ana believe must be made in the healthcare system, and how would nurses contribute?

    [font=times new roman,times new roman][font=times new roman,times new roman]a. we believe that a system focused on primary care, prevention and chronic disease management can alleviate much of the expensive acute care that currently takes its toll in human suffering, as well as dollars. it is a worthwhile national investment. and nursing's strengths as a profession -- in providing holistic care that contemplates the individual, his or her family and community -- is exactly the emphasis sought in a reformed health care system. ...

    q. why does ana have to become so involved in such a political issue like healthcare reform?

    [font=times new roman,times new roman][font=times new roman,times new roman]a. from its inception in 1896 to the present day, ana has recognized that individuals can shape health care policy consistent with the goals of registered nurses and in the best interest of their patients. the participation of registered nurses in grassroots activities is one of the most important components of our government affairs program and has been responsible for many of our successes. ana has a long, rich history of influencing public policy to benefit both registered nurses and their patients.

    [font=times new roman,times new roman]q. ana members have different political views. how can ana advocate for certain legislation and still remain nonpartisan and work on behalf of all its members?
    [font=times new roman,times new roman]
    [font=times new roman,times new roman][font=times new roman,times new roman]ana's legislative agenda prioritizes ways to address the nursing shortage, appropriate staffing, workplace rights, workplace health and safety, and patient safety/advocacy. in keeping with a strong tradition of hard work, the ana will continue to advocate for the profession of nursing. however, we cannot achieve these goals unless ana as a national organization stays involved. political advocacy, whether in washington, d.c., or at the state level, is not about political parties or personal agendas, it is about supporting the policymakers of any party who share ana's commitment to the nursing profession and to improving healthcare in our country. these relationships are vital to our ability to engender understanding and gather support for the issues of concern to nurses today.
    [font=times new roman,times new roman]throughout our history, ana has worked to meet the ever-changing needs of nurses, patients, the health care community, and society. through political involvement and advocacy, ana will continue its fight for the needs of today's nursing profession as well as the health system needs of our country. ...

    teaming up with other groups aarp and ama re payment reductions to doctors and ensuring adequate nursing supply:

    [color=#660000]poll shows americans concerned about health care

    poll results released by ana, aarp, and the ama show that americans have serious concerns about our current health care system. three-fourths are worried about incurring health care costs not covered by insurance, and about choosing their own healthcare providers. most feel that more nurses are needed today and in the future. read the press release and the poll.
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  4. by   James Garrity

    First,Let me say that the current health care plan,the one with the public option,being proposed by the Obama administration,is not about health care,its about control.The Goverment wants to have more and more control over the lives of the American People.Its all part of the idea of turning America into another Godless Socalist society.
    But let me play devils advocate.Ok,Obama is correct,there are 45 million people out there who dont have access to health care.By his plan all those 45 million people will be put into the hospital system with no provisions for more doctors or nurses,or any other health care profesionals.AND,that will lead to rationed care no matter what they say and on top of that,fewer young people will be compeled to enter medical or nursing schools,they just wont see the benifit in becoming doctors or nurses in that kind of the same time,more quality medical profesionals will be leaving their jobs,why should they work outragious hours tending to an over influx of new patients ,without any increase in compensation(they would have to keep wages the same or lower to help "cut health care cost")what you end up having is health care in this country that is way below par,and the best and brightest,have left the profession,waiting rooms are overflowing,care will not be given in a timly caring manner,if at all,and,people,the very young and the very old,will die.I do not see how any nursing profesional worth there stethascope can possibly be in favor of Obamacare,or ANY goverment run health care system.Lets fix the Mercedes,not scrap it for a Geo Metro.We can start by allowing people to purchase insurance from other states,that would foster compitition and hence,lower premium rates. Lets have meaningful Tort reform making it much harder to sue doctors over a mistake that could have been avoided if the HMO would have paid for the extra test,indsurance companies DO NOT need to be making medical calls.And let us start taking responsibility for our own health,more excercice,less fat,more frequent checkups and healthyer habits(quit smoking,on your dime,not the tax payers). and get the notion out of our heads,that we DO NOT have a constitutional right to free health care,despite what Obama and the Liberals may think.The Goverment that gives you everything, can take away everything,and probably will.
  5. by   NRSKarenRN
    Sorry, totally disagree with your post....please provide links to legislation to support your positions as I've read 3 bills without any of your concerns documented.

    Legislation HAS $$$ allocated for nursing and medical education support to help increase supply. just look at the hundreds of new grads posting here who are unable to land first position---they will be first to apply for new position openings.

    Specialist appointments average 2-3 months already in Philly unless seen in ER. Primary care physicians have abandoned seeing patients in hospitals mostly in my area to hospitalists management. Working for a non profit home care agency, 15% of our referrals are for patients without insurance. Local feeder hospital has 70% patients admitted from ER.... 50% have no primary care doctor and use hosptialists to provide care (agency covers 5 county Philly area). That is a complete turn around from 5 years ago.
    Five hospitals have closed in Philadelphia in past 4 years due to reimbursement and not being part larger organization along with 15 maternity units.....

    CHANGE is what we need.
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  6. by   James Garrity
    First off ,have you read THE bill,HR32,that is being proposed?Second,how do you explane that in poll after pol,85% of americans are happy with there health insurance?Third,there is no 45 miliion people that do not have health care.Subtract the over 20 million illegal imigrants,then those who are eligable for medicare/medicaid who do not take advantage of it,and the 18-35 age groupe who are healthy and dont think they need health insurance and would rather spend that premium money on a new jet ski,and the actual figure is more like maybe 10 million,and all of those can get treatment in an emegency room,even if they cant pay,thats the law.And if you did read THE bill,you would have seen where people will louse there existing health care.Also,the notion of making it manditory to buy health insurance,like auto insurance will not work because,unlike health insurance,in a car,your putting yourself in a possible liability issue with another driver.Plus,only sick people will be buying insurance.It would be like,ok,im a safe driver,no accidents,long driving history with no problems,dont drink,no health issues to impair my driving.So an isurance company is going to give me a good rate based on my "risk" to the company.But,Im going to try and get insurance on my car,but I have 3 DUI's,plus some speading tickets and one wreck where the other person was injured.Do you think I should get the same low rate as the good driver?If I was the bad driuver,I would consider my self lucky to even GET insurance.Insurance companies take a gamble on me not being a good driver,or, being healthy.And for all these new grads, including myself?Yes,right now there is a demand,and good salaries,and good working conditions,but if Obama care gets passed,you can forget all that.
  7. by   HM2VikingRN
    Most of your allegations have been debunked at as well as here.
  8. by   James Garrity
    No,dont think so.If that were the case,why is the launguage in the bill?And who is doing this debunking? the Liberal left who want this passed? The people have spoken,they do not want this,or the huge taxes that go with it.And when has the goverment ever got control of somthing and it didnt turn to crap? The VA and American Indian Health Service for example.Yes we need some changes,but not Obamas changes.
  9. by   HM2VikingRN

    Some broad goals that I see in the reform proposals:

    1. Everyone is participating. (Both individuals and their employers.)

    2. Improve access to primary care AND establish medical homes for patients.

    3. Base reimbursements on quality of care not quantity of care.

    4. Establish consistent benefit sets so patients can compare apples to apples.

    5. Reduction of administrative costs.

    One of the reasons that ANA and other labor groups advocate for reform is that having access to affordable health care tends to improve all other systems in a society (education, work, recreation) that real people use and enjoy.
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  10. by   James Garrity
    Other proposals have been voiced,but the democrats on the far left,lead by Nancy Palosi, have shot down or dismissed many meanigful and good plans,but did not have a public option or any plan with launguage that prohibit tax payer abortion.Again,this is not about health care,they have made that obvious.It is about control,the Obama administration would like,no love and dream ,of seeing this country a socalized utopia of every one have the same thing,wether you worked for it or not,no more free market,no more of working hard to do better,no more freedom to seek the american dream if thats what you want and your willing to work hard to get it.If Obams people were really interested in health care,he would take a long hard look at some of the republicans and others have proposed that do not scrap the current system,but make those improvements that would make a great system already,even greater,without goverment control,and a healthy freemarket.
  11. by   nicurn001
    Think it's time to take off the rose tinted glasses , the sucessess of virtually unregulated free enterprise as advocated by the last administration , near as damn it lead to a new great depression , it appears that the policies instigated at the end of that administration and continued by this , has pulled us back from the brink ( for now at least ).
  12. by   CRNA2007

    pulled us back from the brink of what? What was unemployment when Obama took office? What was the national debt? This guy is a joke except to the kool aid crowd. He goes over with his hat in his hand to pitch for the olympics and comes back with his tail between his legs as a failure. We lost even more jobs this month than last month. His indecision in Afghanistan is costing more lives this year than any year since Bush invaded Afghanistan. His own commanders ask for troops and Obama will take weeks to make an indecision meanwhile soldiers die.

    Quote from nicurn001
    Think it's time to take off the rose tinted glasses , the sucessess of virtually unregulated free enterprise as advocated by the last administration , near as damn it lead to a new great depression , it appears that the policies instigated at the end of that administration and continued by this , has pulled us back from the brink ( for now at least ).
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  13. by   nicurn001
    Quote from crna2007

    pulled us back from the brink of what? the depression we probably would have fallen into what was unemployment when obama took office? 7.6%what was the national debt? $10trillion ( omb figure , had doubled during gwb admin this guy is a joke except to the kool aid crowd. he goes over with his hat in his hand to pitch for the olympics and comes back with his tail between his legs as a failure. we lost even more jobs this month than last month. his indecision in afghanistan is costing more lives this year than any year since bush invaded afghanistan maybe if we had stayed there in the first place and finished the job , we might not have to be fighting now . his own commanders ask for troops and obama will take weeks to make an indecision meanwhile soldiers die appears about as quick in making decisions as gwb .
    revisionism is wonderful , i seem to recollect as the credit market locked it was the financial markets that were calling for aid , when that aid came , it had the desired effect , while the credit markets may not be as free as they were , at least they are active .
    whatever administration was in power at present , they would have had to get the train wreck of the economy , back on tracks , that takes time . americans , ( of which i am one , naturalized )want instant gratification , unfortunately economies do not work like that . it took years to get into the predicament we are in and unfortunately it will probably take years to get out of it , whatever administration is in power .

    i think that the electorate felt the quote attributed to albert einstien "the definition of stupidity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results." , was appropriate, trickle down economics of reducing the tax burden upon the wealthy to create wealth , simply creates wealth bubbles that burst . we then end up picking up the pieces and have simply privatised profit and socialized loses .