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Still more union nurses in Texas! For the second night in a row, nurses at an HCA owned hospital in Texas have voted for union representation. Las Palmas Medical Center in El Paso joins Rio Grande in McAllen from last night.... Read More

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    The Nurses of Rio Grande Regional Hospital have voted today July 11 2012 to Decertify the NNOC as their bargaining agent. Rio Grande Regional Hospital in McAllen Texas is union free and united once more.
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    Having first hand experience in organizing the unionization of my employer and obtaining an initial contract I am not surprised by the length of time involved.Obtaining an initial union contract takes a long time, particularly if the employer wants to continue to resist and fight. Thus hoping their employees will give up and vote out the union thereby negating the original vote. It is even more difficult in the right to work states.
    Our first contract took over 18 months to obtain, after the ratifying vote, and although there was resistance to parts of the contract the employer accepted the presence of the union and did not try for desertification.
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