Standing orders and MD signature requirements for an ASC

  1. I am working on advising a mgt. company on standing orders for an ASC in the state of New York. They are a GI center, so there are typically only standing orders, no med orders.

    The orders are as follows:

    Admit to ______ for procedure
    Verify NPO status
    Verify consent is obtained.


    My question is, does an MD need to sign off on all standing orders for every patient, or if these are mentioned in the facilities policies is that sufficient enough? They will document deviations (med orders, nurse to start IV) but mgt. company does not think MD needs to sign off on above orders for every patient.

    In my experience in ASC industry, standing orders must be signed for every patient, but I only have experience with multi-specialty ortho centers, not GI.


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  3. by   bananna787
    Also- anyone know where I can find NY regs on standing orders and required signatures?
  4. by   tewdles
    Why would a physician Not need to sign off on physician orders?
  5. by   morte
    I thought by definition standing orders needed no signature.....