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    Quote from wooh
    I'm saying that I'd rather help everyone at the risk of helping a few who "don't deserve it" instead of screwing everyone, including those in this thread, just so I can punish those you think "don't deserve it."
    Your heart is definitely in the right place. It is.

    But wooh, it is MUCH more than a few. And I'm not saying I don't want to help, either. I DO want to help. I just don't want us (taxpayers) to do more for anyone than they are willing to at least TRY to do themselves.

    But honestly, as noble as the sentiment is to help those in need, the bottom line is that it is plain WRONG to FORCE some to pay for the rest. Them not lifting a finger to help themselves just makes it worse. I'm just not a fan of the "Robin Hood" mentality.
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    Ma'am, The point is that they find the money to pay for luxuries, yet claim poverty when they are asked to fend for themselves. If they had health insurance, they would only be paying a small fraction of the Dr visit bill and only a co pay for their meds..
    Of course they could if THEY HAD INSURANCE, that's the whole point. Most employers, especially those who pay low wages, do not offer insurance and even if they do, or if the person choses to purchase insurance on their own, they cannot afford it. This cost is more than they pay in rent, even if they are not on section 8 (which by the way does not cover the entire amount of rent), heck for us it's more than we make in month. Insurance through my husbands job would cost us $900 a month for the three of us and he makes $700.
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    Plus those MRI machines cost a ******* fortune They kinda have to be on the expensive side.
    I'm sure they pay them off completely within a few years, if not less.

    And as someone else said "ain't nothin free", well then how about not free but affordable, based on a persons income, so that it's not a handout but they can still have healthcare access?
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    But every once in a while I hope they would take off their "Rose colored glasses." The world we live in is a FAR cry from what I imagine you think it is.

    I ask in my post "Why should an adult have to be coaxed to try harder to take care of themselves instead of relying on society to do it," and you jumped to arms defended them. You are saying it's ok for them to give up and live off the rest of us until something better is handed to them! I'm not sure how I can convince you. I honestly believe that you will defend the unfortunate even if they admitted they just don't want to fend for themselves. I just can't debate those kinds of beliefs.
    Why do people assume that people are poor because they are lazy or unwilling to help themselves? There are so many other factors involved, and sometimes a person just needs a little help, and some need a lot. They don't need a handout, they need a hand up. Who determines who's worth it? Aren't we all worth it? And not you or anyone else will ever convince me otherwise.

    And I can assure you I have lived without rose colored glasses since my first memories. I have seen the absolute worse in people and have been drug though hell and back, but it has not hardened my heart. I I am an example of someone who can come from the worse type of life and with a little help and a lot of determination, can become a self-sufficient, tax paying college graduate.
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    But wooh, it is MUCH more than a few.
    It's not as many as you imagine it is. (But I'm sure imagining it's a lot calms your conscience.) So punishing those lazy you people imagine are lurking on every street corner is worth thumbing your nose at folks like PforP that can't afford insurance?
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    There are also people who through no fault of their own...done everything right....worked a good job, worked hard all their life, paid more that their fair share of taxes, and been a n upstanding citizen and employee that have fallen on hard times or been stricken with a debilitating/catastrophic disease who have lost their jobs, their insurance and now are "UN-insurable" and are denied insurance. Does this mean they don't "deserve" healthcare? That they are better left for dead and kicked to the side of the road as unworthy?

    There is a growing population of working poor, especially in suburban America, who bust their behinds..... working 2 and 3 mediocre give their family the best possible life..... that don't offer insurance because corporate greed is too cheap to lose their profit margin and simply cannot afford commercial insurance and make too much money to receive assistance, they simply don't qualify....that go to the emergency room for basic care because they can't be told "no you can't have an appointment because you don't have insurance" or cash up front before we will treat you. Who come to the ED because they are give an appointment 3 months down the road because that is the next medicare/medicaid appointment available.

    You never know when you will find yourself in that place..There but for the Grace of God go I.

    The system is completely broke...shattered into pieces. I know this personally these days.....I don't know if it can be fixed. Being ill has been....shall I say....enlightening, unpleasant, shocking, and disappointing. Words cannot express what I have experienced as a new chronic consumer (chronic being the key word). Appalling...and I have least for now.

    But I also know that healthcare should not be doled out according to the ability to pay.....that only those who pay receive....for then we are deciding who lives and dies by their wallet....and that's not right....the first true of medicine is...Do No Harm.
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    Should Healthcare be a Basic Human Right? What about protection of property, finances, the ability to make and then bring home a decent wage? These rights are being trampled. The lack of checks and balances in the Medicaid system is putrid. I do not believe that people who can afford cigarettes, alcohol, street drugs, and other luxury items should be given food stamps and free cell phones. I do believe that monitoring of such behavior should be mandated to protect my rights. If abuse of the system were to be significantly decreased, programs such as education and job training assistance could and should be strongly advocated. Some people simply do not know how to become self-sustaining.
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    The thing of it is, the dead beats area already covered. They know how to work the system. Unfortunately there are generations of them. People in low paying jobs cannot afford insurance and their employers do not even provide it. Ask the person at the convenience store; dog groomer; housekeeper; motel maid; waiter/waitress; etc. if they have health insurance. I can tell you that most will tell you no. Yet this people add a valuable service to the commuinty. Plus keep in mind that they want to work. Think about it, they could easily become one of the deat beats. All they would have to do is stop working and claim that they cannot be employed. Sadly some of them would probably bring home a larger "paycheck" if they weren't working.

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    Quote from barbarake21
    I wish more Americans would realize we do not have the best health care system.
    I don't find waiting 16 hours in an ED (socialized) a better system. And we do have one of the most advanced / more equipment per capita systems in the world.

    Waiting several months for a CT because there are fewer machines per capita is, IMHO, *not* at better system, though yes, it is cheaper.

    Plus, the main reason so many other nations' citizens have longer life spans is because of better health *choices* made, not because of better health 'care'. Again, IMHO.

    DC :-)
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    Quote from Esme12
    Does this mean they don't "deserve" healthcare? That they are better left for dead and kicked to the side of the road as unworthy?

    ...snipped for brevity

    You never know when you will find yourself in that place..There but for the Grace of God go I.
    There is something to be said for working up good relationships with family and friends and community. People in the US are some of the most generous people on the planet. Asking for help is great! Getting it even better.

    *Stealing* the help, is immoral, whether or not the term 'government' is involved.

    DC :-)

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