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safety of all nurses- assault is a felony

  1. 1 Law in NYS - Penal Law Article 120.5 was amended to include nurses. It is now a Class D felony to assault a nurse while on duty. November 1, 2010 law became effective.

    A highly publicized assault on 2 nurses took place in Norhtern Westchester County, NY in January of 2012.

    support your fellow nurses and sign the petition at - northern westchester.
    this law needs to be passed and enforced across all 50 states.
    Nurses deserve respect and protection while performing their duties to the public!
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    I have signed this petition in support of those nurses about a month ago.

    My anger is directed at the authorities that the law exists yet they neglect to enforce it because of who did the assaulting .

    We here at AN have been all over this subject. You maybe interested in reading the threads. What I am also finding frustrating is finding out any further news about those brave nurses. To sign the petition you have to do a search once you get to "" This petition was started by New York State Nurses Association to the district attorney. Westchester County District Attorney: Support North Westchester Nurses - Enforce Violence Against Nurses Law!

    Are you a member of NYSNA?
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    undoubtedly, this issue is close to my heart because just recently a colleague of mine was working on ed, when a pt. who wasn't satisfied with his benefits decided to take it out on his nurse, she took care of him and he repaid her with a black-eye, just because she inform him that his benefits wouldn't cover a certain procedure. this is the reason we must come together and put an end to these offenders and send a message that we are not going to remain silent!!! please take a minute of your time and sign the petition, do it for all of it for yourself~
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    'those brave nurses' are subdued by the greater powers.
    Stay tuned as court appearance is scheduled for April 12th!
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    Why does this not suprise me..........Thanks for the update.....
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    visit for more updated info