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  1. 0 Recently, I witnessed several patients being barricaded in their gerichairs: the chair was placed at a dining table, which was placed against another table, flush to a wall. behind the patients chair, another chair was slid, effectively holding the patients chair immobile. I believe that I must report this; it seems a clear violation of the patients' rights. There were no restraint orders of any kind in place, and I have Never Ever seen patients secured in this manner. Thoughts?
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    if this is a ltc facility, you can always contact the ombudsman, whose number should be posted publicly for all to see.

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    Many LTC facilities like to boast they are "restraint free" and the nurses have create unusual way to try to contain patients. This is still a form of and they are wrong. Leslie is right and you can also file your own report with Joint Commission,, and the board of health in you community and state. Be prepared tha the facility if they find out will NOT be happy with you. But it's important to do the right thing. good luck
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