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obamacare survives, supreme court rescues 'big health' just a quick comment on the supreme court's decision to uphold the constitutionality of the obama healthcare legislation, i.e. that the... Read More

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    Well, nowhere does it say you HAVE to buy any specific health insurance. You just have to have SOME sort of insurance. This seems fair to me. Like someone said, it's NOT an individual decision and it DOES effect me if you choose not to have any health insurance. It's called living in a society. No in the USA lives on an island all to themselves.
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    Quote from TiddlDwink
    I wish everyone would quit comparing health insurance to automobile insurance.

    In the USA we are required to carry auto LIABILITY insurance. This is to pay for the OTHER car, in case we're in an accident that is our fault. Liability insurance is to protect other people against our driving. Liability insurance covers nothing about our own car or person.

    If you have a loan on a car, the people to whom you owe the money also require you to have comprehensive insurance. This is so if you wreck their car before you get it paid off, making it yours, they will still get the money you owe them. Once you pay the car off, and it's yours, you can drop the comprehensive insurance.

    In other words, any auto insurance you are required to have is for the protection of other people, not you. That's why it's mandatory.
    Also, you only need auto insurance if you choose to have a car. You can't opt out of Obamacare.
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    Quote from SC_RNDude
    Also, you only need auto insurance if you choose to have a car. You can't opt out of Obamacare.
    sure you can. just choose not to have a life!

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