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I know that I am possibly opening up a can of ugly worms. I hope that in spite of differing opinions, that this thread can remain friendly and a simple exchange of ideas and opinions. As a beginning nursing student, I am... Read More

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    ... single payer or medicare for all...
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    And right now, as it is written, people can not take the insurance, pay the "penalty/tax" which may be cheaper in the long run than monthly premiums and then sign up when they get sick, no questions, etc. The ones that suffer are the working poor, and they will still be the ones that are at the bottom. Many insurance companies now require you to be enrolled in certain programs if you have diabetes, HTN, etc to get a lower premium, if you don't meet your goals, your premium goes up the next year. Makes me wonder if this will really come to light with all this "reform".
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    i really don't see how any of this will be paid for...how do we expect to enroll some what, 30 million americans on medicaid, when state by state the healthcare systems are already broke and vanishing. in az, there are no new enrollments allowed for childless adults into medicaid, and even if you do have a child, they can only fall under one of the four categories for the adult to receive medicaid benefits. if we expect that everything will be federalized and are duped into believing that the federal government will pay for this mess, then think again. we are so broke as a nation that we can't continue to deficit spend to keep these programs afloat and sustain for much longer. as poverty rises in the us year by year, more people become reliant on some form of government benefit. as of this year, there are 100 million americans that are considered living in the poverty level. when obama took office, there were 32 million americans on food stamps, that number has risen to 45 million. i believe as of right now 1 in 4 or 1 in 5 americans are on medicaid. let's be realistic. we all work in the healthcare system, and we all see how bad it really is. just to pass a bill for the sake of passing a bill isn't a good way to run a nation, especially a nation who is engulfed in debt.

    what is the solution? i'm not sure if there really is a solution anymore. it's like when someone buys a house, and they are so far behind in mortgage payments that they just can't get ahead. they use one credit card to pay off the next, while at the same adding more debt to the credit card. this is the kind of rut that this nation is in, and it wouldn't make sense to take out another loan to make additions to the house would it? at this point, i believe we as a nation have crossed the thin red line and there is no going back from here, until one day it just finally comes down us.
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    Have you ever read about the Industrial/Miltary complex that the pigs have created ?
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    Honestly, I'd be more concerned with all the hidden things that passed in that bill. Like increasing the death tax over 55% and mandating wills and assets greater than a certain amount be given to the government instead of the family and children of those who have passed away. Little by little the government is trying to reduce the debt, but doing it at the time of death is dirty and downright disgusting. I would love for us to live in an ideal world where we are all equally "entitled" to quality healthcare and have the ability to live the best life we possible can... the thing is there are lots of people who take advantage of the fact that someone will give them free money of free prescription drugs. If only we were all honest, all the time and not so greedy and wasteful then maybe, just maybe it could work. I have serious doubts though but we'll see how it goes in good time.
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    It was our 34th President, dwight d eisenhower, that had warned us of the Military Industrial complex
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    You better stop listening to Faux News for your source ...
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    You better just stop listening to mainstream media all together if you want real news. It's naive to believe that mainstream media portrays any truth whatsoever. It's also naive to believe that this country isn't in some serious trouble with finance...
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    death tax....LOL
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    Quote from tewdles
    death tax....LOL
    Everyone seems to think that they're millionaires, and will be affected by estate taxes.

    Americans are nothing if not wishful thinkers.

    Estate Tax and the Founding Fathers (Economist, Lexington's Notebook, 2010)
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