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Hi everyone, LPN here from the midwest. I just had a meeting at work and heard that because of medicare cuts they may have to cut back on census and thus cut back on employees. They havent mentioned... Read More

  1. by   LadyFree28
    Quote from tewdles
    "I have done Medicare chart reviews (payments were confirmed, denied, or reduced due to DOCUMENTATION-it's ALL about the documentation"

    I highlight this because in Home Care documentation is the thing that the agencies seem not to want to pay for...and where the RN documentation is CRITICAL to payment.

    The knee jerk reaction of management will be too cut back on their most expensive "labor" costs (nurses). Nurses have TONS of beautiful evidence to prosecute that plan and are prepared to take a national stand, IMHO.
    Agreed, Tewdles...I did not last long in that contract because they were attempting to code at a lower reimbursement rate...It was rediculous! If the documentation was solid, why lowball??? They were not happy with a group of us, attempting to "retrain"...passed the "retraining" session, so I was doing the job correctly...I was doing what was right, but wasn't saving the insurance company money.

    Nursing does have BEAUTIFUL evidence indeed. I know I'm ready and will continue to make a stand!