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I was interested how everyone feels about the new health care bill and more importantly how will it effect the nursing field?? (Salary, jobs growth etc.)??... Read More

  1. by   AprettynewRN
    Talk about projection and irony-impairment! Not to mention disingenuity. "Put down your crackpipe"? Wow. That's even better than your recent clownish demands to know how much of the hard-earned uberwealthies fortune, moi, a backbreaking hard-working nurse wanted to steal! Thrive on negative attention much growing up or is the cheap Glen Beck/Rush Limbaugh impersonations impressing your parents?

    I am not sure I believe you are a nurse but I'm sure I don't want to believe it. You come across as an abusive, dishonest brute, entirely unprofessional and uninterested in the profession and one who participates solely to distribute fresh baloney off the hard right propoganda mills.

    If you indeed are a nurse I can only say if the behavior you demonstrate here towards those who patiently expose the propoganda you tirelessly spam to the horrific way you talk about your patients, judge your patients and interact with your peers is in ANY way comparable to your professional interactions, then I will suggest you do yourself a favor and clean up your act in a big, fat hurry.

    Later. (Much, much later).
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  2. by   cpl_dvldog
    Yep, I am a nurse. Once again you DID NOT DISPUTE ANYTHING I SAID WITH FACTS, only your biased opinion. Perhaps it is because you have none. Maybe you missed what Al Gore or other left-wing nut-jobs said.

    I have no problem caring for my patients. Even the ones that did something stupid to become my patient, like trying to manufacture meth, attempted suicide, mixing alcohol and guns, drug deal gone bad, etc. Face the facts, oftentimes people do stupid things and end up in the hospital. Maybe you cannot compartmentalize but I can. I can think a patient is a total moron and still give them great care.

    Expose my propoganda? I think this started when you incorrectly tried to correct me stating that unions do not provide insurace benefits, which I corrected you on.

    This debate is getting old. You are not substanciating anything you say. You are just parroting what the left-wing talking heads say, ignoring common sense facts. You would like to believe adding 30 million people to insurance will cost the gov't less money.
  3. by   kcmylorn