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Just a reminder that you can submit the following letter on safe staffing to the ANA, who will then send it to your Congress people. It's really easy - you can even modify the letter if you like. ... Read More

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    Quote from RN Power Ohio
    I suppose I see your point. I don't like putting time money and energy into half-measures.

    There may be national legislation for ratio's soon- I hope. Maybe rather than use the pre-printed letter nurses could craft one that states there is REALLY a need for mandated ratio's and encourage them to support that when they are approached.

    ANA actually only has 165,000 members though they claim to represent 2.9 million nurses. I do not think that nurses should continue to allow them to claim that they represent the interest of all nurses let alone direct care nurses.

    The largest organization of direct care nurses is the CNA/NNOC.

    Perhaps that will count for something when writing the letters asking congress to support mandated minimum ratios!
    I understand what you are saying here and agree.

    At this point, they are the only ones even addressing the topic nationally.

    I have a link for a national petition that is more specific for nursing as well but you will have to PM me for the link. I don't know if it will pass here on the forum.

    My concern is this...to try to get local response here wouldn't have produced the support that this already did. Also, by not doing anything we aren't going to "get" anything.

    I have too much on my plate personally to try to start any kind of campaign right now to just see 20 or so nurses respond (like here). I have to get my "job" situation straightened out. I would LOVE to find the time to do something that everyone would trust and act on. But it is very disappointing to see so many nurses ignore this or refuse to try anything when we all know we need a change.

    I have to take care of myself right now. I am not going to ignore this and do nothing. There are a couple of really knowledgable people responding to this and I am hoping to work with them this year for "nurses." Then, I hope there will be more response here and the word passed on. For now, ANA is all we have. Addressing the ratio is important - period. Just having it presented to the politicians is a start especially now considering what California did.

    As nurses we need to follow this and speak up.
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    take a look at robert wood johnson foundation: "facts and controversies about nurse staffing policy"
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    Quote from nrskarenrn
    take a look at robert wood johnson foundation: "facts and controversies about nurse staffing policy"
    thank you. i also wonder if some hospitals advertise nursing jobs with no real intention to fill them.

    such practice would make them seem as though they were "trying" to staff adequately, but save them the financial "inconvenience" of actually having to hire and pay people...

    i don't know if this is a reality; but i've heard mention of it, and the possibility is disturbing enough.
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    Quote from marie-francoise
    Thank you. I also wonder if some hospitals advertise nursing jobs with no real intention to fill them.

    Such practice would make them seem as though they were "trying" to staff adequately, but save them the financial "inconvenience" of actually having to hire and pay people...

    I don't know if this is a reality; but I've heard mention of it, and the possibility is disturbing enough.
    I believe it is a reality, since wage-fixing has also been noted.
    You might have to register to get in here, but it's free:


    And an excerpt:

    Mr. Small said his firm had conducted an investigation in which human resources officials, recruiters and others provided evidence of a wage-fixing conspiracy. He said human resources officials at hospitals in different cities had talked with each other by phone or at industry meetings to share salary information and to agree not to raise salaries to steal nurses from each other.
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    beware of half-measures and phony proposals

    having[color=#333333] no minimum numerical ratios allows management “supreme flexibility”.
    [color=#333333]this bill is weak
    [color=#333333]the offensive practice of averaging the number of patients is not prohibited. (example: the icu ratio is 1:2; when a patient is classified as a 1:1 a second direct care rn can be assigned 3 icu patient because 1+3=4. four patients divided by two rns is two; therefore the hospital is in compliance.
    [color=#333333]* nurse administrators and other management personnel are included in the ratios.
    [color=#333333]*nurse administrators and other management personnel are allowed to relieve for breaks.
    [color=#333333]* there are no definitions of hospital units
    [color=#333333]* no national uniform standards
    [color=#333333]* total silence on the direct care rn duty and right to advocate in the exclusive interest of her/his patient and rn use of independent professional judgment without fear of retaliation.
    [color=#333333]* silent on addressing the nlrb kentucky river decision making direct care rns supervisors.
    [color=#333333]* silent on the rn professional duty and right to act as patient advocate and that collective advocacy and free speech are protected activities.
    [color=#333333]* no prohibition on the use of technology that overrides rn judgment.
    [color=#333333]* no requirement of current demonstrated competency.

    [color=#333333]hold on to your stethescopes, nnoc will soon introduce a national bill that speaks to direct care nurses and protects patients. coming soon...
    the united states nursing shortage reform and patient advocacy act
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    ANA does not represent direct care RNs, never has and never will. They sold us out a long time ago. They are beholden to the hospital industry, always have been. They need to stop claiming they represent >2 million RNs, they represent the nurse executives, administraors, etc.

    This is why I joined with the CNA/NNOC. A Real national professional organization that truely represents the interest of direct care nurses.
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    The ANA supported bill is not the only federal staffing bill out there and ANA is not the only national organization addressing this issue.

    There is another (better, IMO) option to take action on now!!!

    H.R. 2123 - Nurse Staffing Standards for Patient Safety and Quality Care Act of 2007- (Schakowsky), currently has more cosponsors than the ANA bill (48 to 26).
    "The bill would require hospitals to implement staffing plans that meet specified ratios for direct care registered nurse-to-patient staffing levels for each unit and other requirements, including for receiving input from nurses. Two years after passage-and four years for rural hospitals-hospitals would be expected to develop and implement nurse staffing plans that meet newly-established minimum direct care registered nurse-to-patient ratios, adjust staffing levels based on acuity of patients and other factors, and ensure quality care and patient safety."

    In addition the bill provides for:
    (a) Refusal of Assignment- A nurse may refuse to accept an assignment as a nurse in a hospital if--
    (1) the assignment would violate section 3001 or 3003; or
    (2) the nurse is not prepared by education, training, or experience to fulfill the assignment without compromising the safety of any patient or jeopardizing the license of the nurse.

    Retaliation for refusal of assignment or reporting institutions for non-compliance is barred.

    For more info see: http://www.uannurse.org/legislative/bill.html and

    The UAN link has a sample letter that you can print and fax/send or paste it into the the AACN provided link after entering your zip code.

    SEIU and AFT also support this bill. Anyone know why CNA/NNOC is not supporting this and wants to introduce another bill? The only thing missing in this one is the "Kentucky River" issue, which the Respect Act covers. As H.R. 2123 already has broad support, why start over?
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    federal legislation can be tracked by going to http://thomas.loc.gov/
    type in name or number of bill to watch progress:

    h. r. 2123:
    the safe nurse staffing for patient safety and quality care act of 2007 introduced 5/3/2007

    sec. 2. minimum direct care registered nurse staffing requirement.

    • (a) minimum direct care registered nurse staffing requirement- the public health service act (42 u.s.c. 201 et seq.) is amended by adding at the end the following new title:
    `title xxx--minimum direct care registered nurse staffing requirement

    bill summary & status file
    text of legislation


    s.73/h.r. 4138 - the registered nurse safe staffing act
    introduced 1/4/2007

    s. 73to amend title xviii of the social security act to provide for patient protection by establishing minimum nurse staffing ratios at certain medicare providers, and for other purposes.
    bill summary & status
    text of legislation

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    [font="palatino linotype"][font="verdana"]sent the letter to my representative vern buchanan of the 13 th district in florida.
    i also met face to face in a meeting in which i lobbied rep. bill galvano of the florida state assembly in his office to pass the "patient right to know" act.
    this allows the patient to be informed of staffing levels in his or her facility of choice.
    peace & hope to all, jansailsea
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    i urge all of my sisters and brothers in this disintegrating healthcare system to research ALL of these staffing plans. i've been a direct care nurse for 15 years. i have worked in many hospitals in different parts of the country. i have many nurse friends who have left the bedside due to the deplorable conditions we have to face each day. i have witnessed "sentinal events" that could have been avoided with safe nurse-to-patient ratios.
    the ONLY logical solution can be found at www.CalNurses.org
    please check this out. CNA/NNOC is unique in that it empowers DIRECT CARE RN'S. CNA/NNOC advocates for nurses and patients NOT administration! its time we stand together. let the suits and high heels remain comfortable in there offices as WE make the decisions on OUR work environment!!!!
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