impaired nurse program (non drug related) in florida

  1. 0 Has anyone had experience with having to report to IPN for an non-drug related charge?
    My employer states I need to call IPN. I have been drug tested at work twice and both have come up negative With the first I was falsely accused by a patient of me not giving him his medicine and the second I was working an extra shift and nodded off while charting. What should I expect?
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    Have they given you anything in writing? Do you have your own malpractice? You might want to contact an attorney.
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    Quote from Psychcns
    Have they given you anything in writing? Do you have your own malpractice? You might want to contact an attorney.
    I agree, seek legal advice on this one.
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    I hope you have not went to IPN as it would be the worst thing you can do. Dot let them bully you into going there on your own. If they press you I would suggest meeting with the head of human resources. Tell them the truth that you did fall asleep but it is in no way was it connected to drug use as proven by your drug test. IPN will make your life miserable. It cost a ton of money IE 2000 dollars to start off with. Then you have to attend a weekly nurse meeting plus attend 1-3 narcotics or AA meetings. Oh yeah they charge you for the pleasure of attending that meeting. They also dictate how and where you work which outwardly blackballs you from employment and then at your expense you call every day to see if you have a drug test anywhere from 40 to 200 bucks a whop. To anyone that reads this IPN is the worse thing that can happen to you. If you do have a drug problem by all means seek help just not with IPN. And never admit to any supervisor you have a drug problem as they will report you. This also applies to getting a DWI. JUST DONT DO IT. It is not worth it. IPN answers to no outside agency. They create their own authority and they try to create their own publicity by showing how tough they are. I have not one pleasant experience by them. And best of all the DRs they use are paid by IPN mandatory evaluation. Gee would you ever bite the hand that feeds you a 1000 customer for a 15 minute evaluation.
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