Gannett Education offering FREE CE webinars May 16th -26th

  1. 3 great topc list...preregistration required. all 7:00 pm us/eastern on

    5/16/11: webinar | emerging roles and models of care: how to affect change at the bedside

    5/17/11: [color=#174b8b]webinar | the dying patient: ensuring comfort care amid healthcare changes

    5/18/11: [color=#174b8b]webinar | this is not child's play: our children, their health, and how nursing can help
    learn the impact our healthcare system has on our children and how the iom/rwjf future of nursing report supports a transformation of the way children are cared for.

    5/19/11: [color=#174b8b]webinar | the road to 80% by 2020: the professional development and education of nurses
    [color=white]mon [color=white]23 [color=white]may
    5/23/11: [color=#174b8b]webinar | the future of healthcare: advanced practice registered nurses
    [color=white]tue [color=white]24 [color=white]may
    5/24/11: [color=#174b8b]webinar | nursing empowerment: a key factor in the future of nursing and healthcare reform
    [color=white]wed [color=white]25 [color=white]may
    5/24/11: [color=#174b8b]webinar | healthcare reform, nursing's future and what it means for seniors

    5/26/11: [color=#174b8b]webinar | nursing leadership's response to the iom/ rwjf report: what's our next move?
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