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  1. by   shermrn
    Quote from MN-Nurse
    Interesting. Disdain for the people who work for you and reverence for a single overpaid person at the top. Remember when North Memorial Hospital's CEO was caught in a prostitution sting on his wife's birthday? Did you enjoy how he trickled on you?

    North Memorial CEO arrested in prostitution bust |

    Even after that episode, they simply found another overpaid lump to slide right into his position at a same or higher salary.

    Executive pay has gone insane in the last few decades and the skyrocketing benefits of CEOs (whose compensation is determined in boards made up of other CEOs) has NOT led to better conditions for rank and file workers.
    Is the point of your comment to show that you found a CEO who broke the law? There are nurses who break the law, as well as union officials, people from all parts of society break the law so I don't see how your comment about the CEO matters. Your comment about trickling on me is just rude, you expect to be taken seriously when that is all you have to offer? Those who indicated they like your comment are just as bad and you are poor representations of the nursing profession.
  2. by   tewdles
    Hmmm...that was a pretty broad generalization about AN members who may like a post, a sour one at that.
  3. by   forrester
    There are 2 obsenities associated with this=
    1) CEO and administrative salaries have risen 725% over the past 2 decades. I know my salary hasn't performed as well.
    2) Administrative costs are now around 24% of healthcare expenditures, up from 12% 3 decades ago.

    Don't worry though, we can simply cut services.
    Mandated ratios are the ONLY thing these people will understand, and California has led the way on this.
    A new book just out, "just a union...of nurses" goes into this in some detail as it traces the history of the CNA and how they managed to get a nurse pateint ratio law and whistleblower protection law passed.
    Fascinating read that shows we are not powerless to protect our patients and our domain of practice, in spite of our current "leadership".
  4. by   kalevra
    the CEO of my hospital is an RN. Although they havent done bedside stuff in decades. Perhapse thats the way to go.