Closing the Health Care Gap Act

  1. u.s. senate majority leader bill frist, r-tn, and other senators introduced legislation today aimed at reducing and eliminating health disparities forracial and ethnic minorities. the "closing the health care gap act" would establish a health care access and grant program to provide such populations with greater access to community resources, expand the mission and latitude of the office of minority health, and increase the number of minority health professionals in the u.s., among other provisions.

    other sponsors of the bill include sens. mary landrieu, d-la, thad cochran, r-ms, and mike dewine, r-oh. aha executive vice president rick pollack said aha strongly supports the goals of the legislation, calling it "an important step in the right direction."

    he said the bill would "improve access to health care coverage, increase our understanding of the extent and nature of health disparities, increase cultural competency and diversity in the workforce as well as increase needed research that enables greater understanding of the challenges health care disparities present."
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    I have a difficulty trusting this cardiac surgeon. His wealth comes form the family business that includes Columbia - HCA. For more links to articles on managed care than anyone would care to read use this link:

    Corporate Healthcare/Managed Care in the News

    Just a few minutes glance at the titles will refresh the memories on nurses and other caregivers regarding corporate "care".